Was bored at a training session with Opeyemi Hussain by my side. Talking about IFRS and investment accounting, nothing seemed to get into my head. I picked up my biro and wrote this on love.Feel free to rate and drop comments.

Many call it a feeling,
Which arises from the heart.
Phew! That was created for blood pumping,
To keep one alive ion mother earth.

Some claim action really shows it,
Forgetting that pretence is the order of the day.
A little elegushi and KFC, flow with the beat,
Your heart would flatten like sheep hay.

A feeling which could make u soar,
High, or low and downcast;
Proud and boastful as a lion’s roar,
Or mega sober as a runner that came last.

Kola’s candid advice goes thus;
Each day as it comes, little expectations;
Love wit your head, true live has no force,
Put yourself first, it brings satisfaction.

For this feeling we call LOVE
Goes way beyond what we see.
Just like hands conceived in a glove,
You could stay trapped and might be hard to get free.


4 thoughts on “Love

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  1. So many things race thru my mind during those IFRS ish, lol! All doz peeps dt sat down to come with those standards tho… keeps getting boring by the day. MAybe, i should be doing a collabo with Tuface than this accounting palava…..hehehehe!


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