Things I wish I knew before 21…

Getting older,almost clocking 25, I’ve seen not too many,but enough to write this post.

1. There would ALWAYS be time for the opposite sex. Although chasing girls did not affect my academics, I’m pretty sure if I took the chill-pill with the ladies,I would have done better. I’ve seen a lot, way more after school….I should have saved the money then,be more productive with the time and focused on school work. My justifying line is this ‘I couldn’t think ahead of what I was meant to think of then’.

2.Give it time. Give time some time. The hurt would heal, the 6 packs would show up, the days would roll by,so just do the needful,and let time roll. I almost had ulcer when my girlfriend of age 20 broke up with me after 12 days of dating.’Twas like my world was crashing. Today,she’s stylishly asked me out,n I see her as not worth my time. I’ve gotten more emotionally stable,and learnt to start what I have in mind.

3.Explore. Nothing teaches a man better than what he’s learnt on his own. I’ll take the car and travel inter-state,while my folks think I’m at unilag. That’s made me a great driver. While I advise that risks be minimised, if you keep leaving things to just happen,the world would be full of zombies. By the way,exploring also means expanding knowledge database. I hardly hear or see a strange word or object without consulting google ,you tube or wikipedia. You see,those subconscious knowledge we gain are the bits that help us in rare occasions. For instance,I participated in the Zain Africa Challenge,which involves demonstration of intellect. 2 weeks to my enrolment,my friend Tope Agbetuyi placed a bet ,asking what Mr. Bean’s real name( Rowan Atkinson) was,n getting some money. I didn’t know it,I got the answer,and weeks later,at ZAC,I was asked what Rowan Atkinson’s stage name,which is also the name of an agricultural crop ,is……You see….?

4.Life goes on. Ever wondered how your best friend seems like a stranger now? Or how make up helps take out the pimples? I’ve made so much fuss about keeping a friend,hiding my opinion,clarifying a rumour….all irrelevant. In months or years to come,you ask yourself,why the fuss.? I remember how my childhood besty Maudlyne Osakwe n I hustled to get me the best clothes so as to win Femi Ayayi’s heart,all to no avail. But today,I’m closer to Femi than Maudlyne. Still I’ll say, I couldn’t think beyond that level….#sad.

5. There would never be a perfect time. We wait till we have 25 hours a day to do certain things. Had I completed the autobiography I was writing,I’ll at least have a book to my name now. IF I’d hit the gym earlier,I won’t be battling with a big round pack on my tummy. Had I known the relevance of working for free back then,when I at least had parental support,I’ll have a better CV. Nevertheless,whatsoever plan(s) you have,start working on them… Hit the studio, start writing, work for free, draw the sketches for the clothing line…just do it now.

6. Heads are not the same. We all are in the same class,do about the same thing ,but get different results. Some parents have prayed better (some have done stronger jazz) for their kids. We won’t all get the same results or implication for similar actions. If I’d learnt earlier that one man for himself,I’d have done better during my A-levels, because most of my friends I used to run to kokodome and options with dint not even need the A-level result. Free who’s beside you,its still basically just about you.

7. Love comes with no force. Don’t stress it. I realised this much recently. If he thinks sex would prove it,then let go. If she doesn’t make you feel as you wanna,move on. Never manage a relationship. To me,its more fun while dating than when married.. So trust me,if you don’t get the best while dating,expect a little below what you are getting presently when you marry.

8. Kush and Booze takes you nowhere. I learnt this before 21. Learnt even before 17. Alcohol takes you nowhere. Just helps you talk jargon,gives u a hangover and TAKES ALMOST ALL YOUR MONEY. Like hell,if its not a glass of baileys,or a bottle of stout a week,then you are just spoiling a lot. Ooh,and for indian hemp,we know its a dead zone.

That’s all gone though. Taking stock,I av but a few regrets,which of course,makes me a stronger person. What do you wish you knew earlier on?


59 thoughts on “Things I wish I knew before 21…

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  1. I definately reckon with your first point…..I wish I knew there would always be time for the opposite sex… didn’t affect me education….but then again somethings could have waited.


  2. Never a dull moment reading your stuff. For me I wished I did some more back in my university days and took education more seriously ….. but its better late than never there are other phase of education ahead. Thanks


  3. Every time you write you inspire me, like we painting the same pictures but with different swerves of the brush… Yes time could use a little time too, but the earlier we realise this then the better. These mistakes, realisations and amendments are what on the long run guarantees the victory song… We are in this alone but eh, if you get up that ladder first, keep a seat for a good friend…. Good read as always Kola, thanks.


  4. i wished i knew i will end up doing accounting, i wouldnt have wasted my time with Jamb. i will hv studied a 4yrs course, and i would have graduated earlier.


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