Every Level, a Devil….

So my sisters n I were on 3rd mainland bridge,I was driving a V10 engine, moving at 150km/hr ….and then we recalled our earlier life. How we’d saved money to buy cheap clothes while younger,and on a sunday,we knew what we would wear the next sunday. Christmas was about the major time we got an extra church dress or cloth. Aha,if we choose not to repeat cloth now,we’ll go a full year ,wearing different clothes to church. And I remember how timberland boots were the ‘in-thing’. A friend of mine,back at Satellite town sold the house generator to buy those boots. I never had one,but had 3 look alike boots.
Now this isn’t about flaunting the tiny things I’ve achieved in my wardrobe. Its about understanding that many of us always have this stage in our life,where there is this major craving for something in particular. And this craving,we desperately want to satisfy,which is just fine. But the means to satisfying it is the issue. We go all out to get things,especially the vain things.

Today,Brazilian hair isn’t all that. But 2 years ago,it was all that mattered on a lady. While I’m of the opinion that you be fashionable and stand out,don’t go out of your way to get these things.
Oh,that’s even far-fetched. Let’s consider blackberry phones. LOL,who would ever think bbm would become an application that we would download?or that it comes with Techno phones,in-built? Many girls dumped boyfriends because he couldn’t get them one. Some did all sort to get, but today,this phone doesn’t measure up to the derogatory things done.

You see,I was talking with my friend recently about successful yahoo boys we know. Back in school,these boys drove EOD and Toyota Camry muscle ,while we hustled to take our parents’ cars out. Today,they drive Range Rovers,while we ride in camry and EOD. We are getting there,surely though slowly. We have to understand that things would eventually fall in place. Just do it right. Don’t jump the gun. There would always be something in your life,at a particular time,that you would crave. But if we don’t acquire rightly, it would haunt you later. Also, its gain saying to state its still vanity. Why go to the bathroom when every one is there so you’ll flaunt that you bath with your gold chain and they would say ‘oh nice,so that’s real gold’. Phewww!!

I’ve realized the motivation behind a lot of our actions is to impress or oppress. And another name to that is vanity. Do things because you love to,or cause its comfortable for you,and life would be most comfortable. Its uncommon to hear that one does the needful,d right way, and it still goes wrong. You are looking for a job now and think you are getting old? Maybe you should ask your dad,who has houses and fleet of cars how many years he waited, and things still turned out fine.

Fellaz,I implore you with these last few lines:
Give time some time.
Do it right,it would fall in place.
Always make rational decisions.
Your reputation precedes you always.


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  1. Nice one Kola, am loving ur write ups on ur blog.
    @ d bb phone ish, it still amazes me how the craze for having one back then has been tarnished today. Chinko phone sef can ping, lol!
    Keep writing as always, I want to read more.


  2. totally make sense.
    permit me to paraphase:
    “Your reputation definitely precedes you always; and no labour of love can ever be forgotten , so do it right and it would always fall into place..mayb not now but surely”…..


  3. Thanks Shola, this has happened to so many of us and I believe now that we growing up, we should learn from people and our past and don’t let inferiority complex domain over us. We worth more than we think of ourselves most of the time.


  4. WAIT YOUR TURN!!! I remember when I *fapped* 4k from my mum to add to some money I had to buy a perfume n d next day the perf got missing..only the 4k can explain wah happened to d perf…if only I had waited to add my own 4k… Things will fall into place…eventually. This is true WORD…keep preaching honey loops


  5. It’s high time people realise that u just have to give time sometime,evry thing will fall into place…Nice write up dude.


  6. Nice piece, nice write up….quite intriguing and helps remind us dat Life is jst so simple, everything would eventually fall in place @d right time. Keep it up Bro!


  7. I can totally relate to this…but the truth is that age and peer pressure also have an impact in these things you mentioned


  8. Wow! ‘K’ if any1 had told me u had such pieces in u well I might av argued dat. But I’m impressed @ each piece u come up with. This especially is true. Give time some time and things will fall into place and sort themselves out. A lot of our parents waited true b4 getting to whr dey r 2day. Let things breathe guys! Good wrk Kola.


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