A little sleep, a little slumber…

Then it occurred to me, before you can enter a government university,you would most likely be 20 years old,or more. Quite unlikely that you would be younger. And the strike is about 6 months old. Not sure if there has been any strike since 2010 but let’s assume its just this,then you won’t spend less than 5 years in the university for a 4 year course. Then NYSC year,if u get posted 2 months after release of final exam result. Maybe some of us have not tried looking out for a decent job. You CANNOT apply for a graduate trainee job(which is the least best job you can get) once you are over 26. And you sit there,all relaxed? You spend the day at d mall, or reading novels? Oh,because my earlier posts said you should worry less,things would fall in place, you think that’s it?Poverty is knocking. That post is for those who are making extra efforts.

What about we folks of private universities? Oh yerr, our parents are MDs and top politicians. And that gives us the liberty to cheerfully accept a 3rd class or say 2-2 because we would get fixed up. To be honest,most private university students are disillusioned,over-looking reality. Though I did the needful, I was also in that school of thought that my dad would fix me up somewhere. Then months after NYSC,he passed on. I got my job basically by myself and baba God. And that’s because I paid the dues needed earlier on.

For as many of us working,who know students still in school, please tell them how not-so-easy ( I don’t want to use the word hard) getting a job with anything less dan 2-2 is. That stress is way worse that the stress you would have gone through if you read a little extra. An extra 30mins study per day, or even to go through your notes before going out that friday night, really helps.

If only you realize that after some years experience, promotion is needed,and the extra you have achieved(such as project management certification or microsoft excel skills) is what makes the board select you over the others, you would do a little extra.
If only you realize that the older you get,the fatter you become, and the less your body parts work, then you would have an exercising habit and cut down sugar and junk( I know many would reply this post and say ‘you are talking to yourself’)

These months ASUU wants to eat up,why not hit a catering school, baking classes, start a relevant professional course? Don’t have only movies,parties,extra fat and a new girlfriend as your accomplishments.

The fact that you work all week isn’t enough reason that weekends must be spent in bed completely. Give up a little sleep now, so you’ll have extra sleep in the future. I’ve come to the realization,that the unofficial, unplanned, along-the-line knowledge,experience, and achievements are things that most often than not help us achieve greatness.

You know the bible so well,and can compose a fabulous sermon in no time,that’s still not the peak. Enroll at a bible college,and get more insight.

Many of us know what we need to do, but procrastination is the killer. And if yours ain’t procrastination,then its laziness. That’s the easiest way to invite poverty.

Fellaz, there is never a perfect time.
If you want to do it, you would make out time. If you don’t want to do it,you would make out an excuse.


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  1. I know people who wasted their opportunities because they felt they would be fixed up…while some of us are out here grinding to be “our own man”. As i have always said Invest in yourself, no one can take away what you’ve learnt. Nice write up bro.


  2. Anoda awesome piece from U….U seem 2 b inspiring me a lot dese day *smiles*. Really got me thinking nd seeing dat dese re rilly d important steps youths av to take to make our country a great one. Kip it up dear!!!


  3. Hey kola. Nice write up. I believe young people should tink abt making impact which will help out in fixing there lives. We av only one live so the things you do just try your best and do it well. This days young people do a lot of tinz imagine while I was chilling for nysc with 2month I went to a catering and I was also doing part time Human resources job and my normal humanitrian project I started with AIESEC an international leadership organization since 200level. Let’s kip impacting lives don’t be surprise when ur live will be more impacted.


  4. You r right SAKA. Most people believe their parents will fix them up only to discover they have other things in mind. The best we can do for ourselves is work wth d little we’ve been equipped with nd make conscious effort to also develop ourselves.
    Great job Sola.


  5. Uncle, life is hard o. Na true u talk. See me naa, na 1 year I no get job b4 I come do M.Sc. After My M.Sc, who iven knows if I wil get a job? Thank God I have oda side hustles shaa. This life eenh? Odikwa just a pot of beans


  6. oshomo u no read o inftact na 1wik to exam u dey carry book I rmbr all the extra cools the magic nos so you don’t want upcoming oshomos to enjoy!….nice one tho


  7. Asides the fact that my cute friend ‘Rachel’ finished from Ife at age 19(don’t sweat, she’s a genius), safe to say,you certainly nailed this one closely Abram. Still can’t believe you come up with these stuff though. #SheerWit


  8. Nice 1.I’ve even been advicin some1 to go into beauty products and makeova since d beginnin of dis asuu strike but it seems she’s been carried away by ur 5th paragraph.love ur writeups anyday anytyme.


  9. Shola did I inspire you on this one???…I smell a rat!!! (Jst kidding)…some people dont learn till they are caught up in situations..


  10. Sadly but truly some of us knew this all along. But we can’t just bring ourselves to face reality and accept these truths! Another Eye Opener Here…..Inspirational! Gud Job.


  11. Lol, I was once in dat boat of expecting to be fixed up.. when I lazed around in my 1st 2 years in school I was lucky 2 be told how even the ministry hardly employs any1 with a 2.2. Uve made a solid point, procrastination is d thief of time, d earlier, the better


  12. I fink am gonna choose tis over yr other writeups. The ish is tat tese young ones don’t seem to understand until they find themselves in it. And sincerely d situation in tis country isn’t gettin bera. It isn’t!! God help us all. Nice one boss.


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