The world of less

Productive ,as pa the dictionary ,I conclude,is best applied to machines, not humans.

We see it as doing the most,instead of getting the most important done. We see it as doing it all, instead of doing what we love and want to do.

Read on…..

We keep adding things to our lives,instead of subtracting. This is the era of deleting. Clear things that don’t matter. Why sweat it,if 1 year down the line, it won’t matter?

Draw up a list….What are those things you love and are passionate about? Start them today and spend more time on them.

Have fewer ends. We constantly worry about how to make ends meet. Its time to think about having fewer ends. What are you paying for right now that you don’t need? Chunk them up. Have lesser goals, and strive harder to get them all achieved. Its the time for achievements,not having loads of work-in-progress.

Drop more balls. The more balls you juggle in the air, the more balls you drop. When you forget to do something, or accidentally drop the ball,you feel guilty. For instance, my fantasy used to be having loads of ladies around me…for no basic reason, I just love the company. This just increases my bills on phone calls,dates etc. Have a circle of trusted, meaningful friends. We all know the older we get, the less friends we need.

Rest…. Have less going up and down. For some days, I’ve had this head ache lingering ,and that as a result of less rest. When you rest more, you are more creative and motivated.

By the way,happy new year!! Make it a year that would count when it over.
And thanks for stopping by at ‘thatafricankid’.


16 thoughts on “The world of less

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  1. am alwais happy…cos i learn new tinz wen eva i read any of ur write up…..truly REST is very essential.pls kip up d gud work.


  2. @ lots of ladies, hmmmmm. It gets 2 a certain age when ‘new year resolutions’ don’t make sense anymore. As we get older, it’s all about facts. Like you said, it’s all about achievements, what we want/need, and how 2 get it. Nice write up


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