The PIG or the BACON

Many people have asked that I talk about Lagos traffic,and most have asked about love and relationships.
This particular post is MY view,emphasis on ‘MY’. It would lead to controversies.

Many people say ‘ if u want love,say it. If you want sex,say it. If its friendship or a fling,just say it. Don’t lead us on’. Now this isn’t about only girls.

I met this lady sometimes ago, and we connected more physically, or say sexually (not like we did anything). Quite obvious,we never had deep conversations on meaningful things. But then she wanted more, none of which I obviously wanted to give. Any random guy would have played along,acted like there was love,hit and run. I spelt it out,there was nothing on the table.

Now to the real deal. Many a time,the opposite sex spells it out to us. But we refuse to accept the reality. The reality that the other sees less or more of a soul mate with you. You know,we sometimes meet people so amazing,we never want to ruin it by dating. And we also meet some people,we never want to complicate it by dating, or getting sexual or too close. More often than not, ladies want more…more than the guy can give,and he says it.
I’ll just say it as it is, either read between the lines,or read the lips. I want just the bacon..I want just company,or sex, or the attention or the feel of you around. I don’t want the whole pig..I don’t want to be compelled to call you everyday, or the drama of who I’ve been on the phone with or not having your time.

Truth be told, most guys know what they want, and when they meet that person, they wholly accept the whole pig. No flaw really matters, that’s if he notices. When we start showing signs( the signs would be on my next post), please don’t push it. It just means we ain’t ready to go through that ‘pig cleansing to bacon’ stage yet or with you.
And many ladies claim to know what they want,but that makes me laugh. He’s not doing half of all you want and is probably far from what you want but you stay. You’ll only get the pig,and trust me,while cleaning it up, the bacon is going to get to another hand.
So in my ‘selfish’ point of view, I’ll say…enjoy the moment, do just what you’ll never regret, give only what you can afford, accept only a few ‘pig dirt’, expect little but never settle for less.

I’ve got my bacon,trust me…

copyright: Kola-Amodu ®™ ̈́ ̈́ ͂ ̐ ̈́ ͂ ̷̐


13 thoughts on “The PIG or the BACON

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  1. So iv finally read the post….i quite agree with u, bt there are some ppl that want jst d “bacon” bt still lead ppl on….i think its only mature and proper for two adults to have an agreement bout what is to be….u want sex??fine! say it, agree and conclude on it…dont pretend like u want more 😒😳😝


  2. Nice piece of work G, thats the gospel truth. It’s better to come out straight and real. No long version of unwanted sermon.


  3. Plain…clear…..we know wah we want…its not new seeing this frm d writer..but the brave guy said it out..I like it


  4. Why settle for one when you can have two. i really don’t know about y’all, but i love me some “bacon” & a PIG on the side.–Lol!

    But if its one thing i’d give the writer; is your emphasis on clarity In relationships; it makes it all easier if you know what i mean.

    Thumbs up bi*


  5. Before reading this blog today the writer asked me not just to express my views of his good work but I should also criticise his work, in truth you have clearly stated the initiative of the male and female gender with regards to wants and needs in a relationship be it casual or romantically related. In most cases we all are selfish, we act in a way in order to get what we want. The day the world understands that going with the flow is better than always having a plan with a person in the name of building a relationship or love is way more secure and it will promote not just a happy but long life, until such a time can we all honestly define and understand the phenomenon of love not just as wants of people but their Daily need for survival. I would like the writer to also consider that in reality his words of wisdom with regards to (Enjoying the moment) can not apply to everyone as the law of life states ” what works perfectly fine for Mr A might go totally bad for Mr B”. So in light of this I would suggest that every individual learns his strengths and weaknesses so as to properly guide his/her self in the area of relationships. Good work THatAfricanKid.


  6. Ermmmmm. I totally agree tat our ladies don’t actually know what they want. And boss I wanna knw yr beacon. Sure it’s not Rihan. #preparinforbattle#


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