me,MYSELF and i

This post is about me.I basically asked some friends to ask me 11 random question. Their pictures are included,so link their stories to their faces.

Now let’s talk of the buddy. He BIMBO KASALI. I’ve made 101 good,trusted and no-matter-what friends. But really,what makes Bimbo quite different is that he’s dependable and reliable. As long as its possible,no matter how hard, dude’s got my back. Broken down car, empty wallet, help drop off my sister, pick me from the airport,anything…

omobaArc. Kasali 👑

So yes,he got a chance( like hell,yess) to ask me 11 questions:

1. What do you find attractive in a lady?
– Brains. Light skin. Loud red rubywoo lipstick.

2. What is your dream job?
– My own business abeg.

3. What’s the best gift you’ve ever gotten?
– uhm, I guess Blue de Chanel perfume from Tosin Olusemire. She made me d perfume freak I am today.

4. What country would you rather settle down?
– Naija. Nigeria. Abuja for living,lagos for chilling. But Nigeria all the way.

5.Can you stick to one lady?
– seriously?

6. What’s your dream car?
– At the minimum, a German SUV, Japanese Salon car and Italian sport car..all at once…that’s my dream car.

7. What did you do last night.
– Got back from work with so much pressure and stress. Had a little fruit n’ fiber,slept mehn. Being an auditor ain’t easy.

8. How do you choose your friends?
– How did I choose u,dummy!! Yall just wanna associate with me #inmycockyvoice.

9. What do you like most about yourself?
– Lips. Voice. Enthusiasm for business.

10. Who is your celebrity crush?
– Used to think its a dumb thing until I started crushing on Rihanna.

11. What’s your worst fear?
– That I’ll marry someone totally different from what I’ve always bragged about. Not like a fear though, more like something I know that might not just happen.

Over to the next.
Adedolapo Balogun. One line describes her :next to perfect. She’s got all the BIPS(read post on ‘what men want’) and then she completes my sapiosexual nature(attraction to intelligent people). Need I say more? Below are her questions and my answers:

1.What is the first thing you notice when you meet a person?
– A lady? Everything I see in caro. A man? I see nothing. An elderly person?charisma

2.What picks your interest?
– Cars and business.

3.How do you intend to improve the society?
-Write and talk as many people as possible to know what’s helped me,and what’s just the wrong(or not-the-best) path.

4.Who do you think or know you are?
– Scroll up, and you’ll find a post called ’11 shades of me’ (

5.You favorite past-time
-NYSC days….babes, cook n burn my meals, get so broke ,clothing line, no responsibilities, yebo……memoirs of life.

6.You view on politics?
– Nigeria is a real definition of politics.

7.How do you relax or unwind?
– Company of my male friends. Anywhere,anything. And an unplanned journey,good car and free road.

8.The last event you attended?
– Sterling bank beginning of the year party ,invitation by Ademola Ojebiyi.

9.What did you pray about this morning?
– Open my eyes lord to the right woman, no more wasting of emotions and resources.

10.How do you ensure you are fit and healthy?
– I have ice cream and junk just once a week. That’s fair enough,ask someone who knows me well, I’ve reduced.

11. What don’t you like you girl doing?
– Getting so relaxed and not bring any spice to the table. I’m still hot ,and readily up-for-grabs if she doesn’t tighten the knots.


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