Its in your mind

And so when my mother wants to have a bottle of coke or sprite,she’ll rather dilute it with water to reduce the sugar content. But my source of humor is this :assume that bottle contains the rumored 7 cubes of sugar,and she finishes the diluted bottle in 1 sitting, does that change the fact that her sugar level has increased by 7 cubes of sugar? No it doesn’t. However,her mind feels contented that what she took was so far from sweet or sugary.

Also,one friday evening, while at redeem camp for a service,I walked to the car with my dad ,for him to eat. Knowing I never eat left overs,of anything,even if I cooked,served, or stayed with you all through ,he asked that I eat the remaining food. If I said no, he’ll be dazed I refused his ‘remaining’ food ,so I ate. Swallowing each spoon was hard, I had tummy ache all through the night at d camp. My mind was just tuned to that fable : left over food would just make me sick.

Finally, I grew up in satellite town,near Festac. That’s not the best place to find the rich. Its more of a locality for the contented, okay-with-life folks. Growing up, it was a hustle. Danfo today, neighbor pregnant tomorrow, next door neighbor breaks into your house, fire crackers up your roof,dad’s cane for coming home after 5pm, oops,I’ve seen a lot. These experiences have built my body and mind. I feel I’ll adapt to any environment, I can’t get duped, rumors are normal,and life is transit. So bring up any flavor to life, I’m good.

There goes a popular saying ‘what your mind can conceive,you can achieve’. It can be interpreted as ‘ what you believe is what comes your way’.

Unfortunately,many of us have been locked up with the negative mind set,which either limits us or takes us backwards. When you go thinking your spouse is leaving you, then he/she would most likely leave( go watch the movie ‘good luck chuck’). When you default setting is ‘ that person can’t do it well’, ‘he’s so stingy’ or ‘they can’t do it better than me’, then the reality of things would turn out as expected. That’s usually where nags and insatiable people spring forth.

Try this out : hold a boiling ring ,go meet a friend, threaten and eventually touch the person with the ring. He/she would go screaming,after the touch, either feeling electrocuted or burnt by something that has no current , and is stone cold!! The body expected that, and even at the advent of the opposite, the mind controlled what the body supposedly felt.

Fellaz, develop the positive mind set. A whole lot originates from that inner man. Tell yourself the right thing, look at the mirror and see the cute being reflected, see things from the positive side of life. If you work in my kind of company, making yourself happy and being cheerful is the least you can do to yourself. While over-reliance on expecting everything to go well without making a move or trying to do it right is discouraged, your stars might really turn out to be the lucky one, making lines fall in pleasant places for you because your expectation is a positive one.

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19 thoughts on “Its in your mind

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  1. Absolutely true, the unseen(the mind) controls the seen(our everyday experiences). Whether you will excel or otherwise its all in the mind, so be incuriably positive-. Nice one bro


  2. And this is the only thing affecting our slow growth in this country…….and moreover I take nothing serious, I smile and laugh a lot..I guess that’s the main reason why I look far younger than my age…LOOL


  3. Just to complement you Shola for a good job done.. The law of concentration states that whatever you dwell upon “mind” grows. The more you think about something the more it becomes part of your reality.


  4. “If you work in my kind of company, making yourself happy and being cheerful is the least you can do to yourself”…….I totally agree with u 120%


  5. KAS! KAS! KAS! KAS! Ahhhhh! Yo *proceeds to sing Awilo Logomba* pimalaka pimalaka purr ya YA! Purr ya! comment tu t’appelles…je m’appelle coupe coupe di bomba!

    It’s ur initials that caused this o…KAS – Kola Amodu Sola

    Good job…but it’s not easy to change the way you think…It takes a lot of work and determination to always look at the bright side of things. Thought provoking write-up tho.


  6. Favorite post so far! A positive mindset is gold. Your blog is brilliant 🙂 and this part had me laughing too hard “Danfo today, neighbor pregnant tomorrow, next door neighbor breaks into your house, fire crackers up your roof..”


  7. Oga, gbagbe o,. if u kari hot boiling ring come my side, I go run. Hot or cold. But, really its all in d mind. I don’t eat Cheese, but I Love Pizza. Isn’t it dsame Cheese dat is used 2 make Pizza?? Our minds just have d way dey work and frame our life choices. We really shouldn’t let that limit us.


  8. True……. but if you dont read for an exam and you bliv you’ll pass, your mind is set to pas but you ll still fail…that is just fact…lol…. nice one gee


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