Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow


We all have this something to say about someone or the other. Something good,random,bad or pathetic. And the effect of this perception, when conceived or relayed to a third party, shapes the immediate events of your life (if you are lucky it doesn’t swarm around you for so long).

You know, you build the reputation you want to be known for? Its majorly drawn by your self. Those best dressed guys( the likes of Opeyemi Hussain) , and those with leadership charisma ( e.g, Tobi Ojo) worked and lived their way through this.

#Character is what you are, Reputation is what people think you are#

I met a lady once, and was trying to get really cool with her. Then someone sees her on my DP and asks me what the deal was. I go ‘tryna see how it works’ and he replied ‘even as a fling,she’s a very messed up idea’. I’m not disputing the fact that the world is saturated with ‘bad belles’ ,but anything that inspires such a comment means you can’t be too far from it…either as your past life or the lifestyle you’ve exhibited.

#A good name is better than silver or gold#……………………………….the HOLY book

Until recently, many ladies who knew my ‘history’ back in the university concluded I was a casanova. Based on the ‘uni-boy’ reputation I wanted so bad as a ladies man, though I never lied, I exhumed the aura of ‘a new girl per month’. You know,when some one says ‘hmmm,you are loving up’ ,I go ‘love?naaaah.just doing my thing for now,n I’ll bounce soon’. So you see, this idea was established and stamped…KAS changes ladies like visiting a barber’s shop. A lady certified ‘virgin mary’ seen with me is just tagged ‘conquered by KAS’.Now bobo is getting old and wants to marry this year (say a big AMEN for me), but many think he can’t be serious.

The haters would call it pride.
The ignorant would call it arrogance.
The learned would call is discipline.

Thread a reputable path. We all have bad habits, but its wrong to leave them hanging outside. Have you forgotten there’s a tomorrow? A tomorrow that today would have to speak about? And that tomorrow is just yesterday’s today? What you are known for today is what you’ll be applauded,downgraded, noticed or ignored for tomorrow.

To the simplest things such as wearing quality clothes, recognizing and apologizing when at fault, speaking eloquently and giving sound advice builds a reputation. Be known for something,something that would speak or pave a way for you. You know,some people enter a room,and minutes after they have left, you can tell because of their associated fragrance. Even at job interview, or seminars, you sometimes go off point, but the manner in which you said your jargons, its so impressive..!!

So for yall twerking on keek and instagram, blowing shisha all the way and posting the videos, always having #movement, #elegushithings#, remember, soonest, you’ll get more responsible, and these things might just have blocked some paths for you.

Those people who don’t flaunt these things ain’t holier than thou, but then, perception is key.

Its sometimes not who you are, its who I think you are.
Its sometimes not what you have done, its what I think you can do.

copyright: Kola-Amodu ®™ ̈́ ̈́ ͂ ̐ ̈́ ͂ ̷̐


21 thoughts on “Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow

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  1. really nice buh jst as u said character is who u are,reputation is wat pple tink u are.u cnt control wat pple tink of u to an xtent.ery1 is entitled to dia view bout a particular person……Goodluck wit d marriage plan *winks*


  2. Thia is really true Kola. Each time i’d always salute u for a job weldone. And still wonder were u actuali hiding dis back then. Osh1!! *winks*


  3. Loooool @Based on the ‘uni-boy’ reputation I wanted so bad as a ladies man, though I never lied, I exhumed the aura of ‘a new girl per month’.
    Nice one


  4. Lmao, lip sealed @ “KAS changes ladies like visiting a barber’s shop”. We’ll said dear, I sure want as hell 2 be known 4 d good things


  5. Anoda nice piece from U…u got me laffing tho, yea I remembr u always ad a new girl every week *wink*….nd amen 2 ur wish. Keep it up!!!


  6. Rotfl! Nice piece n a big amen to ur wish. I cant help bt laff at “elegushi tins” it always reminds me of my close frnd’s elder brother, wen he was single hes always updating ” elegushi loading/ chilling” anoda weeknd u c ” oniru on point” bt all dis dissappeared as soon as he walked down d isle bt we still look at him wit dat eyes doe…lol


  7. So, I shouldn’t twerk again? 😦 But I just learn’t how to twerk naaaaw!!! Ur ryt tho. Some things I did back in Uni/Alevels, people stil refer back 2 em, iven tho I don’t do em no more. Nice write up G


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