Its the Life we chose

I remember how difficult it was to gain admission into secondary school.When I wrote common entrance examinations, it felt like that was the hardest thing ever. Until Jamb(an examination written after secondary school/high school in Nigeria to gain admission into the university) ‘jammed’ me. I know I know,never wash your dirty linens outside,buh truth be told, I never passed JAMB. In short, chances are that if I write JAMB now,I might not pass still. So trust me, JAMB is the hardest thing ever.

As JAMB was out of it, dude had to find alternatives. Cambridge A-levels came. To be honest, A-levels is like year 1-3 in the university, all together for a secondary school graduate. I was doing quite fine, till I had my a girlfriend,and attention drifted. I came out with a good-enough-to-enter-the-university result, and I won’t say its because I had a girlfriend I had such grades. No!! Its because A-levels is the hardest thing ever.

Then university days came,we did all the partying cum reading cum chasing women cum crushing on lecturers. A month pocket money is exhausted in 10 days on frivolity. Finished school , traveled to see the Queen and had to come back to the NYSC life. I had fun in a hard way. I experienced the definition of hunger and heat. No doubt, I had another shade of explosive fun and adventures. But still, NYSC life is the hardest thing ever.

The list of companies that have my name or CV in its database is endless. Either I just dropped CV, or registered or somewhat. Well, you know there’s a difference between you just applying and being noticed to have applied. If you don’t get a mail asking that you come for aptitude test or interview, you just helped these companies use space on their website. Luckily for me,I started this hunt months before NYSC ended. So I got a job almost immediately after.
Some days back, a company conducted aptitude tests for graduates, and from what I heard, there were at least 3 states where this was conducted. And Lagos had at least 6 centers,with Unilag having about 4,000 candidates. Rumor has it that the vacancy is for just 120 candidates nationwide. That’s just Corporate social responsibility, let them not say we dint conduct tests. Even my current job, when I sat for the aptitude tests, we were about 2,000 and only about 40 passed,and only about 10 in that set of 40 got the job. Like hell, getting a job is the hardest thing ever.

I know living condition in Abuja and many other states beat Lagos hands down. But then,life is give or take. Rent and cost of living in Abuja is so high, and might be expensive if you make legitimate money(ok,I know runs girls are legit but not that type of legit). So that substitutes for the easy life you’ll live. And if decide to move to Ilesha in Osun state, your dress sense might deteriorate, be a local champion and your social life would dwindle( if you are of the funky type). To make it worse,if you ain’t at head office, your promotion might just be over-delayed, But then, you have an inexpensive and easy but boring life. If its Lagos (need I talk about it?), you live a supposed enviable life, meet celebs regularly (vanity though), better prospects and opportunities and all of that. 4:30am waking up,either you close work late or early, traffic makes you stay back till late. In other words, Lagos and work life is the hardest thing ever.

This life is just a pot of beans. I’m done ranting about nothing in particular. The summary of this post is in the picture up there.

copyright: Kola-Amodu ®™ ̈́ ̈́ ͂ ̐ ̈́ ͂ ̷̐


4 thoughts on “Its the Life we chose

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  1. Good job Kols. The writing was fluid and very relatable. Loved it! I think we all need a hug once in a while…coz life iz ard.


  2. #WORD#, wordings that stuck as I read through. Everything always seems to be the hardest, life is hard cos we make it hard on us. Wonderful write up dear


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