Akoba Adaba

I have tried to get a summarized meaning of this Yoruba phrase to no avail. However, I would exemplify to give a meaning.
Assume you are headed somewhere, couldn’t get a bus or cab, and a good Samaritan offers you a lift. Along the way, police stop you, and on searching, find Indian hemp or a gun with the Good Samaritan. These are loyal policemen, who do the right thing, arrest the driver, and of course you. At that point, that good Samaritan is an akoba adaba.

In the same vein, assume you are sent by your company to inspect a project. Those executing the project are lackadaisical and unruly. But as a baddoo that you are, you come early, and do the right thing, which eventually exposes their weaknesses to top management. Technically, you are an alakoba or akoba adaba to those people.
You see, many of us entangle ourselves with associations which eventually put us in a state of jeopardy. Of a truth, we do many of these in the name of adventure, beefing up your social status, or just for psychological fulfilment.

Allow me tell a small story. I attended a private university, and to me, my ideal girlfriend then, was a Unilag student. It was more like a fantasy, based on stories I knew about Unilag ladies.
PS: the emphasis is on the lady, not Unilag. So “awon aye” helped me get one. In no time, we were dating. However, anytime we go out, something goes wrong. The first (and only) time LASTMA officials (traffic enforcement agents in Nigeria) arrested me and I paid so much, I was with her. The only time I bashed my car and cleared my side mirror, she was with me. Whenever police stop my car, once they see my face, they assume “no risk” and allow me go. But the day police stopped me, brought to my notice that my insurance papers had expired, and I had to pay, the babe was right beside me. My friend Adejumo SOJ, who witnessed more related issues with this lady told me point blank: “her head and yours do not agree”.
The probability exists that they were all coincidences. All these might have happened without her beside me, but I refuse to think that way. My conclusion on the matter is:

some people’s stars do not shine with yours”

Your involvement with them brings constant troubles, thus minimize the risks.

We all know life is complex. We also know sex is beyond the fun. Spiritual matters are involved, and all of that. Thus, the more ladies (or men) you go down with, the more spirits are interchanged with yours. If you sleep with someone whose destiny has good luck and all of that, maybe, the better for you. But when your partner/ concubine has plenty issues, aha, then you have a reason for the many issues you are facing.

We all can’t have good, beneficial friends. However, we can make our lives better by having positive relationships and associations. It feels good, and also helps in challenging times. Some nights ago, Bimbo Kasali (the 2nd of the 3 musketeers) had a car fault at midnight, and I had to go to Demola Ojebiyi’s house (the 3rd musketeer) to pick him, and other materials needed to fix the car. Wrong circles won’t be so handy, as they are available only when the going is good.
Cut out unproductive talks and people. You have more to lose being with them.

Matter of fact, you know you are getting more matured when your circle of friends gets smaller


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  1. As funny as it sounds,it’s so true.learnt a thing or two.
    Didn’t know u write good,you going places dude .


  2. hahahahaha, this is funny and may seem light-heartedly, but it is actually true!!! (iThink). I truly believe that there are some relationships that ARE NOT to be and may bring some form of doom or the other on the people involved.
    God help us all


  3. And you know Sola, “when you mix with the wrong crowd, your ‘kobalisation’ density increases.

    If you don’t get anything from this whole article, remember this: “Cut out unproductive talks and people. You have more to lose being with them.”

    #WordOfAdvice The “ears” hear everything, but the brain determines what content stays.


  4. Nice write up bruva…. U just said the basic truth about friendship…. ” You know you’re more matured when your circle of friends gets smaller”…. Also @ A good samaritan offers you a lift (lesson learnt)….


  5. “you know ure getting more matured when ur circle of friends become smaller”.I totally agree with this..Friendship is about Quality,not Quantity!..Nice write up :)..Quite funny tho lol


  6. Lmao, nice write up dear. The friendship part is soo true. But really Sola, how far with “..Thus, the more ladies (or men) you go down with, the more spirits are interchanged with yours..”…. *lipsealed*


  7. LOOOOOL.. This is just Life how is.. As for that sex P , its all bObO jaaare !!… Bt truly akoba adabo is just everywhere waiting for a time/place to #turnUp ! .. Nice post btw .


  8. DorroKola…. nice write-up. see, I wrote one comment b4 and dis Kworld network wouldn’t allow me post and I can’t even rmbr wat I initially wrote..”underness tinzzz” anyways, u for giv a Peat Scenario na, d one dat we can relate to NI…


  9. Wow…you are so on-point with this write up bro.you just confirmed most of the things I heard from a pastor…keep it coming bro.knowledge is power


  10. Buh come o @ the Unilag chic, could she really have been an akoaba adaba or mere coincidence.
    “some people’s stars do not shine with yours”…I totally agree with you.


  11. Nice write up shawler… My best part ” you know you are more matured when your circle of friends gets smaller” ….I can relate..


  12. star not shining with yours possibe , concidence possible or maybe u just cudnt concentrate wit her by urside.


  13. Nice write up Sola, I totally agree with u dat some people in life don’t bring positive tins and we should all endeavor to move with friends that will impact positively into our lives.


  14. @ We all know life is complex. We also know sex is beyond the fun. Spiritual matters are involved, and all of that. Thus, the more ladies (or men) you go down with, the more spirits are interchanged with yours….. Its very true & we all shld be careful & put God 1st… & d unilag chic, loool.
    I’m really learning a lot 4rm u….. thanks dear.


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