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So Ayo Sogaolu is a childhood friend, who I always thought was a cousin. He’s the featured writer for today.
Presently a post-graduate student in the United Kingdom.
He’s a self acclaimed international car racing expert, as shown in the picture.


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you think in your gospel mind that you are actually smarter than your folks our elders?? I have truly found myself in such situation but then you get that burble of yours burst when they say something like ‘what an elder see while sitting, you can’t see even if you are on mount Everest’ …
I didn’t have the best of fun growing up well maybe because my dad was a rising star at the time. One thing that he didn’t forfeit was giving his children the best of educations. I attended what was at the time on of the best primary schools in the city of Ibadan (Life forte Junior School) where the school fees then was a whooping ten grand (that was so expensive at the time), meals were served to students for lunch if you paid for them as part of your fees and also the most important to students then was the ice cream session where you pay for ice cream on a weekly basis of about twenty five bucks or so per day… All those were luxury and my dad wasn’t interested in paying for those when I could easily take lunch to school from home and buy five naira fan lolly after school at the time.
All these changed for me when I passed a trick test my dad set for my siblings and I. On that faithful day, there was no light at home and I hope you remember I said my dad was a rising star so in other words there we had no generator at home and all we could do was to pray and have faith that the light would come back quickly. My dad being a man of faith asked us to pray for the light to come back immediately, so he led us in the session and all we were to do was to say Amen but for some reasons my Ola and Moyo my siblings weren’t having any of it and decided against saying Amen. My lone resounding Amen brought the light back almost 8 minutes after the prayer was over and my dad decided to reward me by paying for a week supply of Ice Cream back in school.
Now, this is about going all spiritual
I was going through the bible some time back and I stumbled on something so strange in Luke 5:1-6 (turn your bibles with me pls :p). You will discover that Jesus asked Peter to launch down his nets and I’m also sure you saw what he did and obeyed?? No he didn’t obey at all, he just acted like Ola and Moyo who weren’t having any of it and decided to let down his net instead. I hope at this point you have caught the gist but if not this is what happened. Peter was asked to launch his nets (with an s) but he launched just a net. So imagine what would have happened if he had launched out ten or more nets??
Moral of the story is irrespective of what you believe in, you may be right or wrong but when someone brings up an idea to you, take in board and even act on it. That way you make them look stupid in a polite and nice way and you come out the hero, but also if you are wrong, you come out of it with a smile on your face and also on the other parties face would then appraise you to be someone who listens to what others have to say.

……………………………AYO SOGAOLU


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