We have great goals.

We have unending wants.

From our childhood days, we all wanted to be engineers, and doctors and policemen and governors and models.

We want the type of money that a calculator would show “error” or “reset”.

In short, the end is clear and defined. We know what we want.

However, the means is the quintessential of this post. In economics, a desire (or goal/dream) with no ability (or plan) ends as a want (wishful thinking).

For a moment, let’s drop the challenges the government adds to it. For crying out loud, the number of brand new cars being purchased in Nigeria is overwhelming. Houses and mansions are being erected, with no break in transmission. To make it better, our parents are not the only ones doing this. The younger generation are the ones making rave at the moment. Many of us wish to be like Sina Peller (of Quilox), VJ Adams (of Soundcity), Damilola Senbanjo (of Lova Clothing) and Eniola Omoniyi (fast rising Nigerian Runway Model). We seem to forget that these people did not sit, wishing and just drawing up plans and ideas.

Ok, many might claim “we have heard this kind of talk before” but then I’ll bring a twist. Peradventure you have great ideas, and you are putting them to play, however, they are mediocre or not relevant to attain the desired goals. The market is emerging. Competitors are tightening knots. You have to step up your game. No matter how mundane your idea is, beef it up with good packaging; that is why you are young.

Sometime ago, I was frequenting the gym, as I was developing excess fat in the wrong places. Usually, I drive to the gym, which is about 15-20 minutes’ walk away from my house, and then I get on a treadmill (imagine!!!). That was undisputedly not the best decision towards burning fat, either in monetary terms or exercising terms.

Wishful thoughts only give u present smiles, but keep you in your present state. Sit down and draw up a plan. A plan that take you to where you intend to be in 2, 5, 10 years. Strive hard, go extra mile, do without what you can give up. Have realistic strategies to back up your gigantic goals. Here, the assumption is that being an ardent reader of this blog, you know what you want out of life. The assumption is that you have either been lazy in strategizing or strategizing in a wrong way.

In conclusion, I urge you fellaz, the time you are underutilizing, waiting for 25 hours a day, or doing things ineffectively, cannot be regained. The slower you are, the smarter (or faster) persons might take a great chunk of the market share. Even though you might eventually get to the goal, I don’t see what stops you from getting there earlier, and its worse when it’s your fault.


7 thoughts on “Wisful thoughts

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  1. Wowwwww Kola this is really inspiring, your words have challenged me. Thanks Bro. Thank God I didn’t judge the Kola I knew then before reading this articles. You have done so well. Cheers.


  2. You are a gift to our generation bro.your words always go straight to the heart. Thank you again for reminding us that we can achieve greatness if we think about it,plan it and act pretty fast.God bless bro


  3. I definitely learnt a lot from this. I am someone that jokes with a lot of things that should make me a better (and maybe richer) person. I will now start complaining when I have the opportunity. Lol. I will change. Thank you


  4. Thanks Kola for the reminder.
    When I grow up, I will always tell my kids that I am sending you to the best schools and giving u the best of education not to go and be looking for a job after school.

    The whole idea of going to school, make good grades and a good job is soooooo overrated.

    Those who are making all the good money are not even using those that made all the good grades. I wish I knew so many things earlier though and didn’t have to go through the IFRS route…..haahahahah!


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