End time


Consciously, I’ve tried to avoid political, racial or religious posts here. I want openness in mind, and don’t want to upset anyone.

The evil days are here. You are kindly adviced to stick firm to the “one” you believe in. Death in the news of the day is so common, it doesnt move us again ,except we know who is involved.

Teenagers stab and kill because of jealousy and disagreement. Every guy
is raping available feminine gender, be it 5 year old, teenager, wife, grandmother, and animals!!!!

Even the devil marvels at the evil men do


This is not about bombings in Nigeria. This is not about psychopaths in America. Not even about social/emotional malady in Europe. Its about the world. To me, all these pin point at the fact that ” the end time is here”.

The devil is not in hell. The devil is in our midst.

Brethren, do as much good as you can, live as right as possible. Whatever rules or doctrines given by your religion or belief( as long as they are humanly reasonable), abide with, I beseech thee.
I conclude with this :

It pays to live a good life and discover heaven(or paradise or life after death or whatever your religion calls it) is fake, than to live anyhow and end up in hell( or purgatory or endless pit or whatever your belief calls it).

Spread the word.


8 thoughts on “End time

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  1. Basically, we should watch out and be steadfast, the end is truly near and its gonna be like a flash of light: a thief at night. We are not ignorant of this so be at alert!


  2. Alarmist! We are not scared, if it all ends, we will go back to how we were before we were born…absolute oblivion.


  3. Well said, end tym is nigh and I think it’s also right we make peace with one another. Reconciliation with those that offend us or those we offend is also key to where we end up. Ain’t going nowhere if there is a pinch of hatred in the heart. It is well folks


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