Life of 3 Michaels…..

I spent over a week reading extensively on the lives of 3 Michaels: Jackson (RIP), Jordan and Tyson. I won’t bore you with too many details, most you already know. However, I picked out some lessons from their lives.


Discover, develop and dominate: Jackson started singing with the Jackson 5 at the age of 7. Discover your talent and gift early enough, develop and polish it to topnotch standard, and rule your world.

Appreciate humanity: Jackson was a philanthropist, a hard core humanitarian.
We are the world was released to aid the poor in USA and Africa, raking $63 million. Guinness world records awarded him an unbroken record for philanthropy. You can’t give so much, especially to people who have no means of paying back, and not be loved, or abundantly blessed.

Appreciate yourself as you are: you have your DNA and body form, designed uniquely by The Creator. Although Jackson claimed not to have done a number of the rumored surgeries, it was quite obvious he did. You have to learn to love yourself. The bleaching, surgeries, implants, would all have negative repercussions sooner than expected. Make the best out of your present state or look.

Never marry out of pity: His first marriage to Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of famed Elvis Presley, was more like an emotional arrangement. When his child molestation scandal was settled, she felt pity for him, and fell for him, while he needed a “miss available”. This proposal was over the phone, and this obviously did not last two years, though it was an amicable divorce.


Discover, Develop and Dominate: Jordan tried his hands on basketball at junior high school… He was 5’11” then. At 21, he had developed himself so much, his careers was soaring. Opposition marveled at his athletic prowess.

Create a signature, leave a trademark: undisputedly, Jordan’s swiftness and leaping skills brought him to limelight. This reputation got him endorsements, and record breaking deals. Strive to lead the path, allow others to follow.

Never get addicted: Jordan loved bets, and so loved to gamble. From minor bets such as “I bet my luggage would come out of the baggage claim spot at the airport” to bets at golf courses. Although he had two defense claims… (1) His wife did not see his gambling as an issues (2) since he lost amounts relatively small compared to his net fortune and his finances and family were not affected, there was no worry. But you know, it could have been a different story.


Discover, Develop and Dominate: this lesson happens to be peculiar to all three. At 13, Tyson had discovered his gift and passion in boxing. At 15, he had personal trainers to help develop this, and at 18, he was launched fully into his greatness when he defeated Hector Mercedes.

No pain, no gain: constantly, Tyson practiced constantly, even while in the prison for 3 years. We all look at these guys whose worlds are spinning, and see only the fanfare, forgetting a lot of hard work and sacrifices go down.

Addictions: Self-control is paramount to a successful journey through life. Tyson’s first jail term was a rape case, which landed in prison for 3 years. Subsequent to that, he still had a number of arrest and court cases due to drugs abuse, which he admitted being an addict. At age 13, he had been arrested 38 times (whoop!!).

Have control over money: Who would have thought Tyson would ever get broke. In May 2010, he revealed that he is now forced to live paycheck to paycheck. He spent a lot at casinos, having fun, forgetting there is a tomorrow. Learn to have money and fame under your control.


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