Can we just Divorce?

Is it just me? The rate of divorce these days have soared so high. It’s treated as a norm. Some even plan for it, especially with the prenup arrangement. Well, I’ve not said I’m against that, considering that many marry out of desperation or selfishness.
Now, I would not be too spiritual, however, you should know my acceptable reasons for divorce are taken from the holy book. In order of importance or weight, I’ll explain these basis for leaving your spouse.

Death. When your spouse leaves you to meet the maker, or returns to mother earth, then you can go ahead and chase that hunk or drop dead gorgeous lady you once admired. At least when getting married, you wedding vows said ‘till death do us part’. Death is the inevitable, ultimate separator of a married couple, which also justifies your reasons to remarry.

I wish I had a suitable heading for this next point. But basically, if you and your spouse get married without being in the lord, say, born again, its fine. Most marriages started as such. Over time, if one of you gets very spiritual, and changes his/her ways, then you are to change your spouse. In the same vein, if your spouse refused to convert, you stay married. However, when your spouse starts making you do ungodly and unacceptable things, dragging you back to an unclean life, aha, then you should start praying hard. When it is evident your staying with your spouse would prevent you from doing the will of your maker, and make you derail from your eternal goal, SEPARATION would thus be needed. Emphasis on separation. This ultimately says you can’t remarry, else its termed adultery.

Adultery. This point, phewww. I’m almost sure this would be the case in the nearest future. You are allowed to separate, not divorce your spouse when adultery happens REPEATEDLY, and the spouse is not willing to desist from such ways. However, if it’s once, or twice or for just a period, then, I mean (scoffs), why not forgive and move on with life. Just know, if you insist on separation on this basis, then remarrying isn’t an option.

Thus my good people, think well, pray well and open your eyes well before you make that choice. Marriage is a life race, an obstruction on the way leaves a lasting effect.

Irreconcilable differences, boring sex, varying ideas, bad cooking, nagging and so on never justify for divorce. P.S: when physical abuse is the case, please pack out. Check yourself however, and seek counsel and all of that. If it doesn’t stop, separation is the fastest resort.



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  1. I feel sad when people divorce but as you said, Physical abuse can justify for a divorce. I even feel more sad when I see women who suffer physical violence in their marriages and keep holding on for reasons best known to them. Hmmm….to each his own.


  2. Hmmmm! Marriage (relationship) should be in the way Christ (husband) love the church and the wife (church) loves n respect the husband. Forgive 70×7 in a day. Divorce come up as a result of unforgiveness. Couple shouldn’t hide under this n continuosly abuse their spouse. Christ does not seek to hurt people so couples too shouldn’t do so. Expect all from God not from Man(husby or wifey). Work out your marriage like there is no option except death. My two cent. Nyc writeup Kola


  3. Divorce, hmmm nyc topic Sola.. I want to add to it.. Divorce doesn’t start in marriage,it starts during courtship/relationship. U know that guy doesn’t possess the character of your true prince charming and u come up with excuses 4him like: but he is handsome n rich,he is very caring, and so on. u still want marriage cos u believe u can change him. Lesson: NOBODY can change anyone irrespective of ur position in their heart.. As time goes on,u get tired of this character n divorce dat u shld have done before wedding(which would have been better then) becomes the only solution.. She is a party rider,she nags,she doesn’t respect me or my friends n family,she can’t cook well,she is not faithful and the list is so long! I beseech you to think well before marriage because it will get worse when you are finally hers, and then u start thinking of divorce.. Divorce is an unwanted pregnancy that wasn’t aborted during courtship, the raising of the child won’t be pleasant. Singles,intending couples,married, let’s help ourselves and our society by choosing rightly… Job well done Sola..


  4. True. Bible never supports divorce but sometimes separation can be necessary especially when it gets physical and violent. Gd work Sola.


  5. Well said, I totally agree to it…… But really is not that easy to stay with someone u tot was the one, and later dicovers he was nothing close to the one.


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