The Proposal


So on this fine Sunday afternoon, we were having a drive in the estate. I had tried to annoy her so much. Every suggestion or request was turned down. Pretty sure she had gone berserk, and fully irritated. Then the estate patrol stopped our car. Their claim was we were driving the on the wrong lane. I started shouting ‘it’s an estate, there are no traffic laws. I’ve lived here long before you joined the force. Do you know how many houses my father has in this estate? I own the biggest gym in this estate, I can ensure you lose your job’. This infuriated the security agents, and when she tried to calm them down, I shut her up, the first time I ever did that to her.

So they decided to use their power and order an arrest, for disturbing the peace of the estate. Fortunately or unfortunately, her friends were driving by, so they stopped as they saw us.

The agents asked to see my estate permit, and license, amongst other. I said they had no right to search my car. In no time, I was cuffed and she just started crying, wondering what had come over me. They decided to search the car and found a gun. It’s just a fake gun I carry around in my car in case of ‘who knows when it would come handy’.

One thing led to another, and I was tagged a suspected criminal, and the lady beside me was called an accomplice. Her two friends quickly claimed to just be acquaintances (I would have done same). I start shouting that it’s a dummy gun for my nephew but they won’t listen. They ordered me into their van, which I resist, and this lands me the first koboko stroke of my life. They ordered my accomplice to place her hands behind her head n face the car, and dare not look back at how they would beat the head gang member up. Trembling, she obeys, amidst sobs.

‘oga, get into the van or we would deal with you here’, they kept saying, but I refused. After about a minute, one beckons on her to come over and warn or beg me to cooperate. Then she turns back………..

Her friends have their phones recording the incident.

The agents have their shirts off, with plain white t-shirts on, each with a word inscribed on the chest.

I’m on my knees, holding a ring, just in front of the agents.


In some seconds, I see stars. She lands me a fisty slap. Ooh shit!!
Then she goes ‘be ready for more when we get married’.

I guess that’s a yes!!!


23 thoughts on “The Proposal

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  1. Please, is this just a figment of your imagination? Is so lovely. It brings in a new paradigm to our heaven on earth proposals. Just thinking, proposing to s lady in public in a place it would be distant to say NO could sometimes be a trap. The lady wants to say NO, but she can not. What do you all think


  2. Chai!!! Oga wetin na. You deserved the slap tho’. Nice and dramatic. Pray she doesn’t do something worse to you. *smiles*


  3. Hahahahahahaha…. Like seriously? You would have seen the moon too not only stars that means the slap didn’t enter very well….lolz, nice write up shawler me likey.


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