What we dislike about women.


I know ladies would justify alot of these, but then really,you should know.

Every date is an annivasary. I think I hate this the most. Luckily, most of my exes have never been the annivasary type. But yes, I know many ladies do this and it’s irk. You go ‘today’s 3 months and 3 days after our 1st kiss’ or ‘ you know, we resprayed your case 111 days ago’. I wonder how you get to keep these dates.

Pillows, teddies and all sort on the bed: wait, I thought teddies were for children, especially when they need company or can’t sleep alone. When did you become a baby? You are only a baby in our arms. Some have small, medium and large and we are like ‘hian!!!!!’. Please please.

Asking ‘What are you thinking’: its the most common, I guess. If only ladies know many men like to keep their thoughts to themselves, they would let us be sometimes. Usually,they are indirectly asking ‘ am I on your mind’. If you say it’s nothing, she feels less of your lady, and when you say something entirely different from what she expects, she’s wondering ‘so I’m here,and he’s thinking of that’. Even my mum, when she sees me quiet and alone, she could do everything to know what’s on my mind. Phewwwww!

Saying I’m fine. When you say I’m fine,i expect its a literal statement, which one is you expecting us to read between lines or actions. Some even make it worse by saying ‘i’ll be fine” meaning you ain’t fine. And hell is let loose when we accept the statement like that because you fight us for not probing further. What else does I’m fine mean, kwa?

Locking up on sex: well that’s for those of you who engage in premarital sex, unlike me. So ladies, and wives, if you do this to keep your man in check, just know you are punishing him hard. But why do it? We don’t go parking our cars or fifa because we are angry. So why deprive us of basic needs.

Being over emotional: ok ok, we know you are the weaker and fairer sex but you should know that getting emotional gets at us. And when I say get at us, I mean our ‘roll my eyes’ spot. Your friend got engaged, you cry. Lupita wins an award, you cry. Your instagram gets hacked,you cry. Abeg abeg

Emphasis on your hair. If you insist on spending thousands twice a month on your hair,good for you. Just leave your girlfriends to notice. Truth be, we only notice its braids,or weave on,or Anita baker or a really different style. But if it’s normal weave-on but changing from Brazilian to Peruvian to Cambodia and then human hair, brothers really do not care. So stop ranting ‘you dint comment on my new hair’. Well, very few guys know the difference, those who make hair.
I even think this hair thing is a competition between ladies,not because they want to appeal men.

Well, we’ve tried to understand that you were created that way, and we are trying to adapt. But in case you really want to make it easier for us, deal with these first.

Ladies, add what you think we do that y’all dislike, and men, please add the extras i’ve missed out.

P.S my baby has none of this habits (shoot me).


12 thoughts on “What we dislike about women.

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  1. This blog is getting addictive ooo. I absolutely enjoying reading post/comments. I agree with most point listed above. From the hair competion to the pillow situation and their crying wahala etc. ICantStand#

    The anniversary thingy I reckon it’s kinda cute another excuse to spend money on presents/treats

    @Shawler01 I suggest you stick to your babe, her type is rare. 😜


  2. Sometimes a girl just wants to feel loved , but sometimes we take it too far …..but then you guys are not easy to please .. when we dont check up there is a new guy .. when we do we are too clingy .. The best thing is just to understand your partner.


  3. We women should i say ladies love attention a lot, petting, e t c unfortunately men do not have the time n patience for this, dey forget we r babies too just d way dey r refered to us babies n dey expect us to pet n pamper dem in return.It suld b vice versa witout complaints


  4. Loooool….I laughed all tru…but like olusola said some guys even remember d anniversaries and even love being reminded… And we don’t cry every time o but we could get pretty emotional..


  5. Well, I know my only vice is the “what are u thinking about”. We are a curious specie, just cook up a lie for that question and we will be fine, even when we know ur ass is lying.
    All these points are true, but the level of irritation differs in different men, some are cool wit the teddies struggling for bed space, some guys are the ones that remember anniversaries. The crying part, hell no! No guy wants that. Lol.
    The best thing is to know your guy, and abstain from habits he dislikes. Nice one dear, am always proud of you.


  6. I had an ex who remembered the dates of everything and turned everything into an anniversary. Ps. I’m a girl. 😛 so in this case, was he the ‘woman’?

    Oh, and I dnt own one teddy bear. I can’t remember the last time I cried. Everything else applies to me tho 😀 sue me…I’m a girllllllll


  7. i totally disagree, u shld jst say ” what i dislike about Women” cos truth be told, sum guys i knw jst like wen deir babes tell ’em all dis & dey appreciate…………


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