I’ve been at south south Nigeria for almost 2 months now, and my hotel is situated at the GRA( government residential area). Here, everyday is a Friday night. Everything social is working and alive. Then I ask myself, isn’t it possible to have fun everyday? Isn’t it possible to have fun whenever you feel your body needs it,and you can afford it?

I have a few other sources of income,outside my monthly paid job. To me,the greatest advantage so far in doing this, is that I have a sense of financial security. I can decide to manage myself with either source,and keep investing with the other means. Still very far from the goal, but not doing badly.

However, I see my ultimate dream as having so much time to myself, where I can call the shots, where I only have to attend the big and most important meetings. Where everyday can be a friday.

No doubt,not every one is cut out to be an entrepreneur. We all can’t employ labour or do business. But for as many that have the tingling, do get at it. You might not be able to live the life you want to the fullest while working under someone( this doesn’t rule out that you need to gain experience). Also, a paid job might not being the type of money you want,if you really want to make a lot.

Nothing feels better than a man, who has control of his time and space.
Look for an avenue where you can be more productive, and earn money. The little days don’t matter, they would get bigger.

An extra source of income with a paid job takes out chances of you boot licking, seeking favors through eye service and helps you value your time more.

As such, everyday turns out to be fun, and you would barely differentiate between Mondays and fridays.

See you at the top


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  1. Got this post on my whatsapp about a week ago to be precise. Coincidentally, being a recipient of the so-called ‘paid job’ a.k.a salary earner (don’t sweat it! I’m cool with the pay), i never really had the luxury of time to reply.

    I think this isn’t a bad write-up, the usual witty, novel style of the writer, however I think the real essense of this piece was overshadowed by your usual urge to show off whatever it is that you’ve achieved, at what times and with whatever means.

    Honestlly speaking, A layman might feel more oppressed than enlightened with this to say the least.

    In sum, I’d give you a 5 on a scale of 10. Let us know ways to exploit this other means to extra streams of income, you would agree that there are so many options at ones disposal once the so-called streams have been established.



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