Vacation? why bother


Its summer, I guess, for most parts of the world. Usually the most anticipated part of the year. While some folks like me dedicate most Instagram pictures and captions to moments like this, it’s always summer for some people, always travelling and touring.

Apparently, we west Africans have started doing #vacation Things, though still insignificant to white folks. Aside the social prestige, trying to meet up with peers (and probably oppress) and nothing to use money for, there are a whole lot of reasons why summer must occur in your life.

work hard

What do you work hard for? You have worked so hard, either at work or in school, at the studio or on the run-way. You might not have amassed so much money, but we all know all this hustle is for the money. So why work so hard if you can’t enjoy it with some vacation time?


Your brain needs rest. Need I emphasize this? When you are all beaten with work, or reading, you need time to rejuvenate. It’s like ‘take a step back and move 5 steps ahead’ philosophy. The time off helps your brain relax, and by the time you are back at your desk, more exploits you would do.


Adventures! Exposure! To me, this is my only reason for vacation. I don’t allow anyone pressure me up at work, so stress-relief isn’t my goal. This is just a great time to have a road trip to another part of the country. It’s time to see the Great walls of China and see know how large the Sahara desert really is. When you are well exposed, no one can bamboozle you with stories. It’s easier to solidify your point better when you’ve physically experienced something or somewhere. And you know, it makes you a local champion if those around you have not experienced such.


When waking up brings pain, and work feels so irrelevant. This must not be overlooked. Work life could be monotonous, and also time zapping. School work might feel overbearing. This is the perfect to get your buddies, and hit some beach, island, or just go somewhere different from your regular comfort zone. A little spice might be all you need. Take exeat, or days off school, and go do something you really want to do, and get refreshed. You know, this time off could help you think well, and decide if you need a job change, or something somewhat.


Strengthen family ties. After touring the world, making money, and exploring, it’s still family that matters the most. Plan your vacation alongside with your spouse, and have it explosive. Vacation time helps build relationships. If your relationship has distance, go spend some time with the beau. Remind your son you are not uncle, but daddy. Family trips are awesome, you should try it.

So if you want to go with me to Kenya, and South Africa, please email me. Elephant ride and skydiving are the conquests for this summer. Let’s conquer new grounds!!!


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