The Price Tag


Some time ago, a colleague at work needed a Kindle player, to download and read electronic books. He needed contact of someone  USA or UK. As a bad guy that I am, I offered to handle the ‘contract’ by purchasing and shipping the consignment down, with a little service charge.

He then asked why I would charge him,for something that could pass as a favour. Then I explained,as I would explain to you, the concept of attaching a price tag.

A price tag simply means attaching a monetary value to your product or service. It’s very essential in the business world, and also in relationships. I told him,I would charge $xxx as service charge, however, I would not collect the money. That means there’s a fee, though I’d do to him for free. You know why? Tomorrow, a bigger deal would come up. An opportunity would spring forth, looking for someone who has contacts in China to supply Headphones for a promo.

There are two ways to it: its either I’m not recommended because I’ve not created a business sense or idea in the mind of my referee. OR my referee would pose me as ‘don’t worry,he’l do it for free’ and thus, i’l get underpaid.

We need to learn to attach price values to ourselves. Say it jokingly, and still offer to do for free. It’s called business sense. 1 day, your pepper would get red.

Consequently, in relationships, you need to understand your value and worth. It’s helps you measure yourself, and know what you deserve. Any bidder, with insufficient amount has to back off. If you bleach your skin for a man who insists you should be light skinned, you have miscalculated your worth. I know many would see this as controversial, but it’s different from when you think you prefer to be light skinned. It’s different from someone making you bleach. Loving yourself as you are is a different topic.

A lady who knows you have a decent job but chooses a runs man over you definitely can’t see you worth. But we have no business with who can see it or not. The emphasis is, do you see the value yourself?

Have your own bride price or groom price game,and give yourself the best. Anyone who falls ridiculously short of your expectations, can’t afford you.

Never settle for less.



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