The adult-child

I sat and thought of children, and observed some admirable traits in them. True though,they are naive, and have very little to worry about, but from this post, we would discover some habits in them that we adults need to emulate.

Have you ever been accused of being to cheerful or looking to peaceful? That has happened to me, and still happens. I tried doing the reverse but that doesn’t fit me.


I remember my childhood days. I had friends, but when alone, i’m never bored. There’s either a song humming in my head and I dance to it, or I’m talking into a standing fan, to hear my voice sound like a robot. I could be cracking cross word puzzles or sudoku. Bottom line, my mind was busy, I was happy with myself. In secondary school, my nickname was ‘Smiling George’. Lagos traffic and the quest for financial well being might have reduced it,but I’m still not too far from Cheerful. With my job,writing, and few side runs, I wonder how I can ever be less busy or bored.

You remember how sternly you hold your grounds as a child when you are denied what you want? How much you cry and insist,till you are given either a bigger/finer object? Basically, they never settle for less. That’s what we adults also need to learn from children. We have so bent on our standards. I know we are more concerned with facts and reality, but it doesn’t over rule the need to go out for what you want. The only expected difference is while a child stays firm over things that might be irrelevant, our quest as adults,should be to desire profitable and positive things.


I watch how many of us, who don’t even have marriage knocking on our doors, worry about tiny relationship issues. Some have so ascribed happiness to their relationships. Does a spouse determine your happiness?

Until you learn how to be happy while single, I don’t think you’ll be mega happy in a relationship. Be happy and cheerful with yourself, even for nothing. Your happiness isn’t dependent on social media, relationships( now, marriage is another ball game) , and the likes. Be like children, they find joy in things around them, and worry less.

No matter how we play in the dirt as kids, or how we dressed, we still saw ourselves as good looking.

Be who you are and not what society wants you to be.

Take a cue.


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  1. Lol @ talking into d fan to sound like a robot. More people need to be encouraged that happiness is a choice n shouldn’t be situational. God help us all.


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