But why am I not married?

Would you say I’m not prepared? Or I’ve not found Ada?

Perhaps I’m waiting for some extra money like my Ibo brothers.


I’m just analysing some things in my head. So see this as a “me thinking aloud my thoughts” mode and writing them down.


If I earn 350k and my girlfriend( after now,i’ll address her as wife) earns 250k, then we both have a gross earning of 600k.


If I have a car, and we are newly married, at least the love is strong, so I can drop her off at work, or she drops me, and takes the car along to work. So transportation is sorted out. 600k still intact (fuel is immaterial, I guess).


I bet a year to my wedding, I’d have started staying alone. As a humble but tasty brother, I’ll stay at surulere because its close to the Island( most jobs are there). By calculations of elders (like me), allocate 2 months salary to house rent. My wife and I can stay in a pretty decent apartment in surulere with one month salary, and if we r extravagant, we do lekki with 2 months salary. So we r still fine.


Yearly vacation can’t even be jeopardised. So we take economy class and go anywhere in Europe, which would cost 460k for both of us, if we time the period of ticket purchase well. If we are lucky, we get family or friends to host us, if not, we spend another 340k on accommodation. That’s another 600k. Spend 400k on feeding and sightseeing.


At this level, on the extravagant side, 4 and a half month salary gone.


As a young couple, we eat good and decent. I don’t think we can spend 50k on house feeding in a month , and that brings us to 600k in a year for feeding. Add 300k for generator and security man. So 6 months gone. And we r still doing fine.


She would need a car, and since we are young and growing, a fairly used car(scoffs) might not be bad. Honda EOD or Banker’s Corrola would go for 1.2m, and she can have that. That’s another 2 months salary, making 8 months.


Save 2 months salary, for the rainy day.

This calculation is made on the assumption that child bearing waits till we both get a raise in salary or adjust our standards.


All the basic amenities of life have been captured. All others are miscellaneous or luxury or mere wants. The balance of 2 months can sort aso-ebi for friends’ parties, groove at the club, gifts for parents and all sort. And still have extra savings.


Did I say this is calculation is perfect? Did I say it’s my plan? No!!


But remember, you do almost all in that list, and when you share with your spouse, it’s more economical.


So Sam-smooth,Tobi Ojo, Vera Cruz,  Kayode Olumuyiwa, Nosa and Efe,  Ayo Sogaolu, Linda Ikeji, and the long list of unmarried folks, please, can you all just go and get married? Ovaries are dancing!


15 thoughts on “Why aren’t you married?

Add yours

  1. nice but the calculation is based on probability on both couples having a job so i’ll consider the calculation a flawed one


  2. Awesome calculation. I’d marry when I meet “the ONE” with my present paycheck or more. hehe Nice post. @graciemama…lol @ “rearing more kids”


  3. Kola, I still wonder how a man who earns 12k monthly pay, has a stay at home wife and numerous kids cope though. It just baffles me and they keep bearing and rearing more kids.
    Some men like this need to be jailed…smh


  4. All these items you have listed happen but make another analysis of d guy earning 150k n d lady 60k with a kid already. Life’s more challenging in reality. Good writeup


  5. This your assumption makes it look easy. Ain’t that easy at all . Rewrite this for half of the gross salary and let’s see what’s up😏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. very soon since “November 2014”!!!!!
      Hope you didn’t engage your gf in 2014 cus you have just succeeded in turning her into “Lord of the rings”. Lol


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