Investing in your Spouse

Jeez, some people are stingy. Stingy financially and with material things. I’m not even talking of those who analyse if you are worth being given a gift or there about; i’m talking of those whose default setting never give.

Ok, lets polish this a little, and streamline it to couples/ lovers/ those in relationships.
While my school of thought may not be the best idea, I can argue its not wrong.

When you spend on your spouse, especially while dating, I see it as investing. Primarily, it has 2 major effects :
* you tend to appreciate this person more, and when the chips are down, you consider how much you have invested,and this makes you fight for this person. Do you let go of an expensive clothing item easily? When your friends want to obtain it, don’t you give every manner of excuse? Or hide it when you know they are coming to visit?

* secondly, you are training yourself. Marriage, I think, could be generally void of spice. Sticking to 1 person for the rest of your lifetime is #phewww. Spice is thus needed. And alot of spice is brought alive with surprises,and surprises,most times, is by giving. Train yourself to always give to your spouse, even if you don’t end with the person, you become a better person.

Many of us complain about the things our spouses have, but forget that you can bring the change you want by making available some of these things. My ex made me the perfume freak I am today; she couldn’t stand a man without his fragrance following him,so she spoiled me with perfumes. We’ve spilt, but she’s left her mark.

And per adventure you man is not prone to spending on you, think twice. You can tell his/her financial strength, and know what he/she can afford. If after weeks or months of dating, you have to comb your room hard to find things from him/her, that’s bad omen. However,i think it’s in the default of men to give, and women to recieve.

Brothers,if you have a cheerful giving babe, jackpot!!


7 thoughts on “Investing in your Spouse

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  1. It is in giving that we receive. Giving = Receiving
    We ought to give expecting nothing in return.
    Good insight bro!

    The perfume story is funny 🙂


  2. Give and it will come back to you. Good measure pressed down, shaking together and running over. Nice piece bro


  3. You are very right. But Giving must come from both sides not just the guy giving every time, the lady must give to, but the mentality most girls have is to collect and collect


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