Power refutes Change


By nature of my job, I interact with and consult for oil and gas companies. This makes travelling to Port Harcourt and Abuja frequent. While Port Harcourt used to be prone to kidnap, Abuja just has its general air of insecurity. On that note, clients with my company, (most often than not) give us good security and treatment.
Sometimes, moving in government plate vehicles, we see a convoy of military vehicles and we join the convoy, and break many traffic rules.
Even airport pick up, sometimes, come with so much ‘paparazzi’ and senrenre, that one starts to feel like a local government chairman, with no money in his/her pocket.

Then I sit to wonder, if mini me, with just this small accolade of power, pat the driver’s back, or tips him for a great ride, or decide to chat up a lady in the plane because I know what is waiting for me at d airport, then what do we say of those in power itself?

Many of us claim we would instigate a lot of change if we were to be in power. Yes, we would repair roads, and build more hospitals, but many things would still not change, especially the show off of power. If you’ve really never been in such shoes, you really would not know how that feels. That also explains why many rich folks want power.

Hopefully, someone in power is reading this. I’ll say, for a nation like Nigeria to change, 2 things are involved:
1: shorten the gap between the rich and poor. When a poor man has access to the things a rich man has, he would not feel oppressed, and eventually think less about greedily acquiring things (the long and short of corruption). If a rich man can comfortable enter BRT and a poor man can sit easily get his children good health care (not expensive hospitals), who would notice?

2. Secondly, until our attitude to social prestige is modified, we really can’t get better. Why do things because of social prestige? Why travel round the world because you want to flaunt/ belong, whereas the reasons should be relaxation or adventure. Why is it easy for Chinese and Indians to ride bikes and scooters, while an average Nigerian who take a bike to work has to hide it? Or make up a story to explain why he took ‘okada’?

Ponder on this…


4 thoughts on “Power refutes Change

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  1. Those two points are also considerably included, with respect to our issues in Nigeria, what a great write-up!
    I would suggest you correct this, “If a rich man can comfortable enter…” by making correction to the word “Comfortable”… “comfortably”


  2. True fact!!there is problem in our society,and the society is the problem of itself,if mediocre’s in power are been celebrated by the same society that is striving in agony everyday;well there will be no solution till eternity.i would rather be a mediocre then,after all it comes with riches and power..:)


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