About our folks

Now I really might not be talking to students. I’ll say this post is for my reader base of just graduated fellows to working class folks who still have living parents.
I remember an instance when Lisa (my twin sister) was being taken to school by his awesomeness, my father. That time, we had “plenty money’’ and so we couldn’t afford a driver, I guess. The car had a fault on the way and pops, against all odds, left the car, got her to school and came back to the car. Oh, and I meant a school outside Lagos, so don’t think it was just an hour away. This he did, considering just his daughter.
Fresh graduates might not realize what it’s like to work for money. But we that are working, especially salary earners, we know better. 4 days to go, we have analyzed how the money would be spent. Then I realized, our folks did the same: analyze their income and CONSIDER us in their analysis. It’s either the PSP or the Christmas cloth or the water gun or ensuring we ride to church in a car, not public transport.


However, this is where I’m driving to. We have gotten this okay, or perfect or ‘not too good’ or “just there” life or training or exposure or opportunities, and we are moving on. These folks who raised us to this point are getting older, and chances are high, we are neglecting them. Do they want your money? I bet not. Your time, yes a little. Care and appreciation? We all want that.
Some days before my dad on, I was telling my mum, and ringing it in her ears that it’s her responsibility to take my dad on surprise dates as she’s his boo. I forgot I’m also to do same. Take your parents out, buy them small kits like dart boards to play with at home. They won’t always be here.
All through my schooling, I had a driver take me to school, maybe twice (now I’m talking of when we could afford to have a driver). My dad or mum would take us to school, even if it was 4 hours journey, and still do the 4 hours back to Lagos the same day. But now, we can’t even volunteer to take them to their golf club or supermarkets.
And when we are doing our income/expense analysis, we only pimp our cars and spend on one boo that appeared from nowhere to milk the sweetness of the training that the neglected folks have given you.
The cycle has changed. They took care of you, it’s time to take care of them.
Surprise your parents this weekend, and always.


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  1. good good article! This is extremely important. They squeezed themselves for you, now is time for you to do same!!!


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