Eva : My Trophy Babe

No matter how high your taste is as a man, Eva would melt you. There are some temptations you can’t avoid. She’s the type of temptation you pray to meet and fall into, then go repent.

She was light skinned with a few spots, and not too obvious veins. Her mammary glands were an average 34 B cups. She pays good attention to her body. She smells good always. She was my dream; the envy of my friends and my trophy babe.


However, the main reason why Eva is a showstopper, is her backside. Oh no! Words can describe this endowment. Once, I placed a glass cup on them, it stayed without swaying. If you want to fantasize, please go ahead. She kills it all by wearing jeggings and satin or leather skirts. I attended an entertainment award with her, and one of the twins of the popular duo group came down stage to meet her. That’s my babe for you and I was ready to flaunt her anywhere.


We got engaged, and I decided to be more serious with her. I wasn’t looking sideways, because she fulfilled my every fantasy. She just had a few issues.

Sometimes, she goes itching her body. Its air conditioned, and we have been together for hours, so what’s causing the itching? It sometimes get to the point of a burning sensation. Then she could feel very uncomfortable while in the sun. With a body as smashing as hers, I loved to take her to the beach. Ooh, and yes, she has some unusual dark spots on body parts that are not usually exposed.

yod itc

Is that all? No. Eva gets really anxious about issues, and as a result, is quite aggressive. She got so angry one day while we were on vacation in Germany, went clubbing, became very drunk and slept with a white man, the result leading a pregnancy. Among other issues I had with her are: mood swing, loss of sexual appetite (and or ability), blurred vision, vomiting material stuff that looks like coffee grounds.

yod vom

I was going to call it off, but for the news of the pregnancy. I was kind enough to accept her. Long story made short, she gave birth to a beautiful girl. The ish however is, the baby came dark skinned (as against the expectation from a light lady and a white man). Then the real deal came out…………….

yod bab

Eva had bleached, from a pretty young age. That explained all the skin issues, and the “real color” of our child.

On the other hand, she has been taking yodi pills. However, she did not know yodi pills are made up of dexamethasone, which is used for certain ailments like allergies, and when in excess, had side effects all listed up, and also, fattening of the thighs, and a pronounced backside.

Are you looking out to be light skinned? Remember Eva.

Do you want more backside? Better do squats, not drugs.

Appreciate yourself as you are, or enhance yourself via natural sources.



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