The scary part is, when a need is satisfied, with no contentment, we amass more via greed, and eventually see the things acquired by greed, as a need.

Think about this:

  • A Samsung s3 and iPhone 6 can perform almost same functions (even though operating systems differ). Fundamentally, you have the same CONTACTS if you use either phone. So a thousand dollar phone doesn’t mean you have MDs and CEOs calling you.
  • A ford Mustang and a Toyota Venza, would still take you to the same place. Yes, a Rolls Royce might give you automatic entry to some places, but if are not needed there, you would be walked out.
  • Business class or 1st class, your destination is same, and in event of mishap, we are all the same. Treatment is different, and if you can afford it, I’ll advocate for a private jet.
  • Does sleeping in the presidential suite at Burj Al Arab make you dream more interesting than when you sleep at Kolamod Hotel?

Seeking wealth or comfort or luxury is not necessarily a bad thing. There is however, the opportunity to raise others up along with you through providing either jobs, services, charity or cultural improvements.

To satisfy a healthy survival, basic requirement and sustainability is a quest for NEED. Thus taking a vacation, owning a phone, celebrating an anniversary, and getting medical attention or help is the same as satisfying your need.


When you take a quest to insatiably require more than necessary (or need) for healthy survival and well-being; or the desire to have more than you require is GREED.

However, a thin line exists between both. Dangote and Bill Gates obviously have more than what many states can desire at a time. If satisfying only basis needs are what we really need, then we should not long for promotions or superlative profits in business; thus I’m saying financial empowerment is a need. When the gratification of needs and wants goes as far as depriving someone else his benefits, then its greed. When the needs become insatiable, and the quest seems unending, then its greed.

Oprah Winfrey was once accused of spending so much on a clothing item. All she replied with was ‘some days earlier, I gave double of this amount to charity’.

Need is about survival ………………………Greed is about avarice and selfishness



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