Turn by Turn

Is it just I or we have also noticed this: That the supposed big boys in high school or university are not ‘balling’ now? Or that the prettiest girls in high school are kind of not even close to fine‎ or jaw dropping as expected.  And those weird nerds in our universities are ‎kind of really cool now?

I don’t know what I people saw me as in high school or in the university, but if what I’ve noticed is correct, I pray they used to see me as not balling, nerdy or just there. You know why, so that very soon, they would say ‘chai! this guy that was just there in high school is ballling hard’.

‎Our journey is life is like water flowing on a table. A small pen cover‎ on the table can create a barrier, and if you look well, you would notice that the water from the back flows further than the one originally in front. Some barriers, or situations, caused by us or nature, might slow us down a little. This however, does not mean a halt. ‎

Oh well, I met the CFO of a company, by name Mr. B. He dresses good, drives good cars, and most importantly, is very accessible. His subordinates has access to his fridge and the likes. We got talking, and he said he’s been used to openness and being down-to-earth.  ‎ ‎ When‎ you are seen to be balling, or as the boss, or as the prettiest, remember the tide might not be in your favor someday. As a manager, team head, reigning celebrity or MD, the smallest of your employee, staff, or team member could assume a position tomorrow, that you would need his /her cooperation.  A commissioner who dis regards a‎ local government counsellor today, could become a house of representative member tomorrow while the counsellor becomes senator.

At every graced opportunity, stay cool and easy. Life is not that hard. We are all still going to die!!‎


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