Noah’s Ark

Little did we realize that there was more to the Bible story “Noah’s ark” than we thought. As your handy man, I researched, read, thought and finally summarized this story, and applied it to our everyday life and situation… so read on, and get inspired.

noahs ark watermarked

Don’t miss the boat: when I was going through A-levels, I loafed around a lot with friends who had already gained admission into the university, and were in the A-level school to while away time. Partied, played, and just fooled off. Luckily for me, I had grades good enough to get me into the university via direct entry. So basically, regardless of the company I kept, I dint miss the university boat at the appointed time.  Point is, ‎you must find how to arrive at your big picture, or the step further at arriving at your big picture, no matter the obstacles or ladders. On the broadest level, don’t miss Heaven, or Paradise or Life after Death.

Plan ahead; it wasn’t raining when the ark was built. Save for the rainy days. Have an exit plan from you current unsatisfactory job, or for a government that might change. Have a plan B and C in case A doesn’t work. Have extra sources of income. Have an assistant boyfriend (I did not say that).Summary is, be aware that some events would occur in the future, and the impact would be a consequence of today’s planning. As many would say, pain is temporary, GPA is permanent. So device a reading plan today, so that the unknown future would be well taken care of.

Stay fit; when you are old, someone may ask you to do something really tasking. Noah was instructed to build the ark in his old age. How old are you, that you already have potty stomach? Soon, you’ll marry, and you and your spouse would make love with this potty hindrance. Your might just have to drive long distances to see your children. Staying unfit during younger years could lead to complications at older age. I can’t over-emphasize this: find time, hit the gym, or lekki-ikoyi bridge and exercise. Eating healthy isn’t the only means of staying healthy.

Don’t listen to critics; just get on the job that needs to be done. Emphasis on critics, and what needs to be done. Critics could be right, if in the real sense, you are fooling yourself. But as long as you are self-motivated, have justifications for your actions, and you are on a path to the big picture, them allow them the audience. Criticizing you now helps louden the trumpet that would be blown furious when it clicks. Is that what you are paid to do? Is that your dream? Is that what you see yourself doing or becoming? Is that what needs to be done? Just do it. If critics condemn your approach, then take stock and adjust if need be. But if the criticism is on your goal, shake it off.

Build the future on high grounds. After having the game plan or goal, set the standards high, such that when the chips are down and you fall, you don’t fall too low, if at all. A popular saying goes thus: reach for the stars, and if you don’t get there, you’ll at least be with the moon’. Don’t even try settling for less than you want, or can be or can accept. In relationships, decision making, and quests, seek out to meet best possible standards.

Travel in pairs. Sojourn with someone with like mind and ideas. Even if it’s for company sake, for kanji, for better reasoning, have a companion with like minds. So that you don’t get stuck, or helpless or wanting, grab someone who can be there. Have a wife or spouse who can help you with your dreams. Have a besty or colleague at work who’s always got your back and you can relay fears, dreams, concerns and aproko stories with.

Speed isn’t always an advantage. The snails were also on board with the cheetahs. I’ve not said speed isn’t good, but it doesn’t always necessarily mean it’s an advantage. Sometimes, no one really cares when you got there; the question is, did you get there? And so being the first to buy the new car model, doesn’t mean I won’t buy also, and I might be lucky to buy the newer model, lol. So it’s still a function of how well, not how far or fast. Though speed matters in some cases.

Remember the ark was built by amateurs; titanic was built by professionals. Don’t rely too much on the experts. They sometimes make mistakes. There is bigger pride when you materialize your thoughts and plans, and if a mistake is made, you know a path not to follow again. Basically, don’t despise your abilities and inner man.

When with God, there is always a rainbow at every storm. Guard your every decision and choice with a backing or confirmation from your source. You see, if every marriages and idea ventured into was inspired by God, you would find reasons and strength to stay and fight for that cause, because you involved the Source all the way.


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  1. The Bible says the race is not to the swift and according to Rev Olusola Areogun, my spiritual father, the future does not belong to the man doing it quick, the future belongs to the man doing it right.


  2. Like always, am intrigued. Great job. The “assistant boyfriend” and “potty hindrance” part got me rotf……


  3. assistant boyfriend- a guy who is not your boyfriend but hangs around you performing the duties of a boyfriend.
    Like the part where you compared the work of amateurs with the titanic built by professionals.


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