Why guys have side chicks – By Ayomide Aroloye

So for the 2nd episode on side chicks, I let it open to a long, loyal and dependable friend, who is vast and a deep thinker.

Join me in welcoming Ayomide Aroloye, an upcoming OAP. Have fun reading her school of thought on side chicks.




Okay, so why do guys have side chicks?

A lot of people have been wondering about this question for a while now, so let’s deal with it and if you have additional reasons apart from the ones that would be discussed, please share by adding it through the comment tag.



  • It is generally believed that guys are natural polygamist; it is in their gene to have more than one girl in their life, the main and side chick. Besides, they have the backing of the religion/culture that permits such acts so really they are not to blame to an extent.
  • On the other hand, some other guys have side chicks to boost/protect their Ego when among friends. To be ranked as one of the ‘baddest’
  • Guys have/keep side chicks to be honest plainly for sex, basically because he feels she understands him sexually and knows how to care for him without asking questions unlike the main chick who also cares but is more inquisitive to know the situation that might be bothering the guy before attending to his needs sexually but some guys don’t have the patience for that so they run to the side chick; but that doesn’t make it right though.
  • It is the stem from the nature of men not to take things as seriously as women; they easily lack concentration as they are moved by what they see, which threatens their focus most times making them look like they lack discipline.
  • If a guy doesn’t get the satisfaction he wants in whatever form from his main chick, he is prone to have a side chick for example: if he has a main chick that hardly lets’ him talk or listens to him, he will have the side that all she does is listen to whatever he has to say and that makes him find comfort in her, nothing sexual about it.
  • To some guys, it is all about varieties. It is like the women are fruits and the guys want fruit salad but most times the men forget that any mixture can go bad at any time and that’s where the different diseases and unwanted pregnancy come in.
  • The materialistic nature of the main chick is also a reason their man seeks a side chick who knows little or nothing or is not freaked by material stuff and is always appreciative with whatever you give her no matter how big or how small.
  • Most guys also feel there are limitations to what they can do with the main chick so they seek the side chick as rebate. To another angle, some side chicks could be very adventurous, they teach the guys some things either sexual or not and the guy brings that to the main chick either to teach her or not. All side chicks know that the guy has a main chick except the guy is extremely secretive but anyway, the side chick keeps hanging around hoping one day to be the main one and they can do anything or go to any length sometimes to achieve that.
  • To some guys, it is as a result of greed, bad habit or easily gets bored and the need to have a sub at times.
  • Lastly, to the bit serious guys, one of the reasons of having a side chick is to weigh your options (which is just credible for about 60%) and to eventually choose the person you can stand enough to give the ring even though there are married men who still have side chicks but that would be a topic for another day.

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