Choose a teacher……

Which do you prefer? Which is your spice? Which would you rather have?

Before you say thatafricankid has come again‎, just read up. This isn’t high school and has got nothing to do with subjects, per se.

However, if asked to choose a teacher to become your spouse, which would it be?  Let’s discuss.

Mathematics: this fellow is a smart-ass. Technically called the nerd or brainy. Folks here are the ones who have something to say about everything. They can analyze why a political party would fail, and explain why lunar eclipse can only occur at a time of the year. If you are attracted to folks of great intellect, you are Sapiosexual. Would you rather have the mathematics teacher and let go of the others listed below? Because this teacher doesn’t really look good, and doesn’t even know how to touch your soul and make you feel any compatibility (except you are brainy also though) and barely scores a pass mark in packaging ( as most mathematics teachers are in reality)..

Biology: do I need to break this any further? This teacher has got it all when we analyze physical appearance of the body alone. The beards, the height, the perfectly shaped back side, the curves, Nicky Minaj kind of ‘8’ and the ruby woo lipstick. Here, the body is all that matters. So if you had a choice amongst the 4, would the biology teacher be your spouse? However, this show stopping body, can put salt while boiling egg. You can say ‘Christmas is around the corner’ and this fellow would actually stand up to go and check. This person would call ear-piece ‘Herpes’, and you might not be able to have d most heartfelt conversations.

Chemistry: the chemistry teacher is the one who has deep rooted conversations with you. Doesn’t necessarily know too many things in the world and the likes, but connects so well with your soul and being. And once it’s about flowing well, this fella does it. Empathy, sympathy, connection, vibe, all on check. Remember, this person comes with a not too presentable look, has fair understanding of history or current events, isn’t d best person to play a puzzle with, and might not know how to even forge Ghana accent (not to talk of British). So would you rather marry the chemistry teacher?

English: Ahaa, the English teacher can form shege, and package well. Strictly eat with fork and knife, must take a cab, handy handkerchief, great and polished way of speaking, neat freak, and the likes. Even taste of music, has to be classical music (and no Fuji?!?!?!!!!). But then, you might not be able to match the accent with the face (loll), neither might this packaging attract u sexually, or this good English be understood…

So share your answer via this poll.


4 thoughts on “Choose a teacher……

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  1. Guaranteed to make you laugh.

    I feel like the list of “teachers” isn’t complete though. There should be a “Sunday School teacher” somewhere on that list.


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