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I‘ve learnt about having a side hustle since I was younger, from watching family members juggle one job and another. For example, my friend Damilova of Lova clothings runs a mobile wardrobe market, can get you anything you want, and still work with the state government…that’s what a real + side + main hustle is. Not everyone feels the need for a side hustle, but if you’ve been thinking about it: then here are more reason’s why 2015 is the year to start!

Focus: You won’t have time to be merry-go-rounding in your life. You see, an idle mind is the devils workshop and an idle mind with mobile phone, internet and bb will cause much chaos. Do have those friends that ping you and always seem to be so available for a “random” chat? I’m not saying idle chat is bad oh, but idle chat everyday is not why we are here. Get busy. Get a side hustle.
New Skills: You will learn a new skill, most of the time our side hustle will be in something totally different or quite complimentary with your 9-5. Doing this on the side will help you build skills that will be useful in your job and outside your job. You will learn to prioritise and multitask. No knowledge is lost.
Extra Cash: This is the most important reason sha but I didn’t want to come off as a money lover. by placing it as number 1 plus some people have too much money so they do it because of “just because”. LOL. You don’t have to wait for that alert you get ONCE at the end of every month from your 9-5…having extra on the side can help out with things like going out on weekends, holidays, paying for asoebi, and all the miscellaneous things we spend our money on. That extra cash can fluctuate to be more or less than the salary you earn at your 9-5. Imagine those days when you actually make double your salary from your side hustle. Godwin!
Security: Incase of “incasity” what happens? People with side hustles are not afraid of losing their jobs, not because they don’t really like their job or because they play with their jobs but because there is a plan B. A plan B gives peace of mind. What if your company cannot afford all it’s staff? What if they just have to let you go? What if no salary for 3 months…how you go do? Side hustle.
New Career: I know so many people who have left their 9-5’s for their side hustle. Doctor’s becoming photographers, engineers becoming caterers…it’s happening. It’s hard to make the decision to follow your passion and leave a job. Because? Money. However, doing the side gig will help you determine if you really want to take the leap or if you should just fogerraboudit. Most of the time our side hustle is a little hobby of ours, something we are passionate about, but when it begins to become more fulfilling, emotionally and most importantly FINANCIALLY, people don’t hesitate to jump ship.
Fulfillment: I do think people who have side hustles are more fulfilled in life. I once read somewhere that “Multiple interests are how you create a happy life. Also, just the awareness that you are building something on your own, gives your self esteem a boost!
By the way, shout out to the few ones I know: Ifeanyi (Cool cash) Enemuo, Denrele Kicky, Yebo (Escada Homes) Akinso, Oraibi (CeeGee Makeovers) Wakama and of course Sola (thatafricankid) Kola-Amodu.
I love when you people interact with me, so I want to know why you started your side hustle. What are the rewards you get?
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  1. I work mon-sat,i don’t have time for myself talk more a side hustle.its my first job but I am positive something good comes my way soon so I can have time to study and think of a side hustle.


  2. Stumbled on this blog through one site,i can’t even remember .so far it’s been nice reading your well put together articles. Alot to learn.


  3. Thank you very much my friend for the reference may the good Lord continue to give you wisdom to write lovely write ups like this….
    My side hustle stated way back in secondary school if you can remember. I used to sell nice vita chocolate drink to juniors then…and when I got to the university, my mum travelled and brought back some shirts then which I sold and made some cool cash…you even bought one then…
    One thing side hustle gives me is self esteem. Since when I realised that “if you really want something go get it your self” I have never stopped making that extra cash…I am a tailor,business consultant and also a stylist to some artist in nigeria and in the uk…less I forget I studied civil engineering but hey you can’t cheat nature…my passion gave me my side hustle


  4. Yeah side hustle is needed especially in this part of the world. I have started with mine and hope to establish it very soon. Well done dear.


  5. Nice write up!
    I guess I started my side hustle (Photography) first as a result of feeling rich one day like that, turns out to be an expensive hobby. Became a hustle due to demand and the challenge of becoming better keeps me going.
    In all , I’ve learnt a lot about discipline, focus, time management, handling pressure, interpersonal skills, money management, business principles and many other.

    For the future, I keep looking for ways to incorporate my passions, i.e. hustle and career into one


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