5 ways to a man’s heart.

Apparently, there are some unique (and maybe weird) men out there, who you can’t get to their heart via food/ his mouth. Someone like me, food is the last thing my wife would ever have to worry about. Once you can prepare basic meals, we are good to go. Little wonder why ladies are not allowed to cook for me. So food isn’t the way to my heart.


So I thought, what else might be the way to a man’s heart? Outside food and sex. Probably his car, Kaput! How exactly? Read ahead, for things you could do to a man’s car, that could help you get the ring, or settle a quarrel or spice up your marriage.


First and foremost is point one. Let’s use this illustration. To win a lady’s heart, you need to maintain and keep earning points. If you buy her roses, you earn 5 points. Take her to Dubai, you earn maybe 15 points. The day your ex calls you in her presence, you lose all points and start from the scratch again. But men are different. Buy a man a perfume, that’s like 100 points. If you slap him, it drops to 85 points. If you buy him a car, that’s like 5000 points at once, and you really don’t have to do anything for a year, as that one point does it all. So as a bae who wants to convince the brother, just buy him a car.



Pay for a pimp up. You know, it’s not enough to just complain that his car’s air conditioner isn’t chilling, or that his CDs are boring. Why not offer to pay to run an auxiliary cord which would play songs from your phone? Or pay half the price of a DVD system or re-spray of the car.


Do the driving. To me, this is one hell of a sexy deed. You know, as your make up kit is important to you, so is our car to us. A man who lets you drive his car has already digested the vegetable baba‎ gave you to put in his food. So on your way to a function, or to the mall, just offer to do the driving. It gives this feeling like “I got me a soul mate and a helpmate”.


Wash with (or for) him‎. Take a cue from some music videos. How erotic it feels when a lady in shorts and a tan top plays with water while washing a car…just do same!! On a fine Saturday, either offer to solely entertain him, or join in washing the car. It kinda tells how down to earth and ever available you are. But biko, if he stays in an area where he parks outside or with no personal compound, pay the gateman to wash. Don’t cause wahala.


Give him a treat in the car. Variety is the spice of life. Don’t restrict “IT” to the bedroom and kitchen and living room. While taking a drive in a not too busy estate, or at the beach, or even in his compound, do “IT”. Tease him, please him, squeeze him!!!

 Dear girlfriend, I prefer treat number 1. Just buy me a dodge charger, and you got my back all year.



4 thoughts on “5 ways to a man’s heart.

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  1. Any female who buys a guy a car eenh? Dat one deed is good for like 5 years. Let alone an expensive one. For me, a Bentley Continental GT will do. It’s not too much naw, is it?


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