Destination addiction


I’m going to try to look for a simplified way of explaining this phrase. Let’s use some examples.

Assume I attended an Ivy -League University for post graduate studies and paid about 7million naira (about $35,000) for my studies. Then I get a job that pays me 3 million naira ($15,000) per annum. By all standard, I’ll feel like my education isn’t paying off, and so would not offer my 7 million worth brain to a 3 million worth salary. So I’ll give about half my best, and hope for a better job.

Also, if I’m into light skinned ladies, and I meet this admirable, adorable and awesome dark skinned lady, the tendency is there that I won’t give my best to her. Not because she doesn’t deserve it, but because I’m too preoccupied with my future want or expectation of a drop-dead omo-pupa (light skinned lady).

The summary of the 2 examples details a set of people who are too addicted to what they expect of tomorrow or the future, and decide not to give the best at what they have or are experiencing today. Destination addiction has made a number of us lose opportunities, and good relationships.

It’s is the preoccupation of the mind that happiness is in the next job, next partner or the next place.

The sad thing is, as long as your mind is glued to happiness lurking around the ‘next’, then happiness would never be found in the ‘current’.

 Make the best out of the current!!!


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