Law of Power Series – Court Attention at all cost

On the series of Laws of Power, I would be giving random tips I read from a book. They would be short and straight to the point. If you want power at all costs, follow some of these, depending on which goes with your personality and desperation.

Hardly do you get power by hiding in the shadows. By all possible means, you need to stay in the news, in the lime light, on the lips of everyone. I met (or saw) Denrele Edun some nights ago at a bar. He came in with clothes that he usually wears for shows. He greeted those he came to meet with so much drama, genuflecting and hugging hard. By all standards, that brother is weird, but he’s selling out, for weirdness. That brings me to a vital point.

No matter what, stay in the news.

To get power, you need to keep making headlines. headline I know a couple of folks who pay to have their scandalous stories in magazines, and then pay to give the replies. Apparently, it was a strategy the PDP (or Pro Jonathans) misused to help APC/ Buhari win as they kept his name in the limelight (although via allegations). Ever seen Ruggedman’s instagram page? its so busy with one supposed tour, or charity visit, or unleash of a clothing line. All this it make it seem he’s still making waves and the likes.

Wisdom in a nutshell:

  • Surround your name with the sensational and the scandalous.
  • Create an air of mystery.
  • It is better to be attacked and slandered than ignored.
  • Make yourself appear larger than life.
  • Any sort of notoriety will bring you power.

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