You Only Live Once


How depressing it is when I hear of someone who hasn’t failed before at work or in school. That’s every shade of messed up. That’s boring!!

It’s pretty much disheartening to imagine that Bill Gates, with all his wealth, might not have tasted jollof rice before.

If your tummy has never rumbled, and almost embarrassed you, you need to come back to mother earth.

Not like I have a theme for this piece. I stumbled upon some words somewhere, and the summary is:

You Only Live Once. 

Many of us are too rigid, busy, strict, straight and uptight, that we get either too carried away, or allow the world pass us bye.

In trying to achieve a feat, we lose many others. The painful part is, we probably lose more important things.

Quick summary: live a fun filled, and balanced life. No aspect should be left undone or stagnant. Spiritual, emotional, academic, relationship, financial or whatsoever.

Recap from the piece I read:

There is no point getting a promotion on the day of your breakup.

When is the fun in driving a Mercedes when your back hurts? Or shopping with so much tension in your mind.

This life we’ve got, we got just one. Skip a class to have a lifetime memory at a talk-of-the -town party; it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll fail.

Meet people and make the best out of it. Stop over analyzing, or emphasizing. Open your heart and arms to new things. Travel often.

I was a party freak in school, and all I had to do was have a reading time table, to make my 4 point CGPA.

Hehe, and I broke some hearts, and I still get scared that these ladies would meet someday, and deal with me.

Take out of your savings and have a get away with a cherished person; the bank could fold up.

Experience what it’s like to have a hangover, or to ride on an elephant’s back.

Fight with your spouse; cuddling after that is so sexy. Bet a little, you might just hit a jackpot. Get lost sometimes; that way, you may find new things.

You know why? Because while on your sick bed or old age, you won’t remember the houses or cars, per se. You’ll cherish the moments and adventures, and that’s where fulfillment comes.

Live this life, it’s just one and sadly, its short!!


6 thoughts on “You Only Live Once

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  1. Haa! Bill gates is missing out big time. Oftentimes we have narrowed our happiness to money n work related promotions.So holidays and adventures make us feel guilty. You only live once, after this judgement.


  2. wow….I have read something similar, but the way you dished this was really hawt!! Ama live-love-laugh. Thanks for adding spice to the “Farm-life”…


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