This was sent in my office, and decided to share. Every post can’t be on love, money and booze. Lets have some health talk.



1. Delaying going to a toilet. Keeping your urine in your bladder for too long is a bad idea. A full bladder can cause bladder damage. The urine that stays in the bladder multiplies bacteria quickly. Once the urine refluxes back to the ureter and kidneys, the toxic substances can result in kidney infections, then urinary tract infections, and then nephritis, and even uremia. When nature calls – do it as soon as possible.


2. Eating too much salt. You should eat no more than 5.8 grams of salt daily. But me, I love salty meals ooo. I used to lick salt as a child.


3. Eating too much meat. Too much protein in your diet is harmful for your kidneys. Protein digestion produces ammonia – a toxin that is very destructive to your kidneys. More meat equals more kidney damage. Ibadan people, take note. You eat too much Iya Basira meat.


4. Drinking too much caffeine. Caffeine is a component of many sodas and soft drinks. It raises your blood pressure and your kidneys start suffering. So you should cut down the amount of coke you drink daily. Ogo Oguanaman and Kitan Olokode, this is for you!


5. Not drinking water. Our kidneys should be hydrated properly to perform their functions well. If we don’t drink enough, the toxins can start accumulating in the blood, as there isn’t enough fluid to drain them through the kidneys. Drink more than 10 glasses of water daily. There is an easy way to check if you are drinking enough water: look at the color of your urine; the lighter the color, the better.


6. Late treatment. Treat all your health problems properly and have your health checked regularly. Let’s help ourselves…God will protect you and your family from every disease this year! Amen

 We can go back to love stories now.





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  1. Caffeine is bad for u, fat is bad for u, sugar is bad for u, don’t worry , because worry is bad for u too.. Lol… Lovely piss Shola kip it up!!


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