approach age 30

‎I started this blog not too long b4 I clocked 25. That’s a couple of years ago..and 30 is knocking…I’m still far from it tho’. 



So I did some thinking and taking stock. What’s expected of a 3rd decade being? What should 30 years have taught you? I’m inexperienced, but I sure keep your eyes and mind busy. So let’s talk!



Learn to say no. No to outings, no to some asoebi. No to some requests, and to some activities. You are gone pass the age or phase of boot licking, eye service and peer pressure. In this new age,and going forward, you call all the shots. The only thing that gets a yes should be what you really wanna do. Well,except for obligations like your father-in-law’s  birthday, assuming he’s not your favourite person.  And when saying no, be respectful but unapologetic. 

Pay attention to what you eat. Our bodies are no more as immune, strong, flexible and the organs are gradually relaxing. After wealth,its health, in this decade. We can’t keep up with junk and barley. Avoid meals prepared in mass, or industrially. Doughnut, red meat, soda and too much fried meals. In short,at this age, you should stop eating any major food after 7pm. If you must eat,it should be fruits. Exceptions should be special dinners and the likes. 



Have control over alcohol: I expect that you started drinking at 18. If not,your loss. If you started drinking at 27, just learn all you need to befor age 30. Bottom line, you should have learnt how to drink, and be getting ready to quit excessive alcohol. Egbon,you are 30, and you still have a hangover? Biko!! Or you don’t know how to say no to booze when you have so little disposable income? 


Spend according to your half your monthly budget: bills would be all up in your face all the time. Except you are 1. a big government official’s child 2. Well established in your own company and doing GREAT 3. a dulling ‘suegbe’ kinda person, you would always have things up your sleeves that are back up with insufficient funds. Do you have a choice? I bet not. So what do you do? Adjust to spening on what you need,and with those needs still, spend only half a month’s in come. 

Keep a close circle‎: written about this thrice on this blog. Those with simple lifestyles have very few,trusted friends. The few bonds should be deep and tight.

Some things aren’t thaught in school: on that note, try to start making the best decisions, and focus more on dreams..realistic dreams. Take risks, but take calculated ones. Things won’t come so free,and people would be quicker at judging you based on outcome of your endeavours. If you

Not everyone is sane: that’s assuming that you aren’t part of the erratic ones. But if you go thinking life would be fair cause you are nice, you are mistaken. At this stage,it needs to sink that people will only access your opinion based on their understanding and experiences. So many wrong foot would be stepped on,if you ain’t careful. Avoid social media dramas, and when driving in a city like Lagos, repeat to yourself ‘the other driver is a donkey, I won’t be tempted’. 


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  1. “when driving in a city like Lagos, repeat to yourself ‘the other driver is a donkey, I won’t be tempted’”,can’t stop laughing…. So glad 30 is far from me thou😁🙌… Great write up


  2. Keep a close circle‎… Those with simple lifestyles have very few,trusted friends. The few bonds should be deep and tight…#word#


  3. “life won’t b fair cos u re nice” preach!!!!! Very nice write up,it’s good to knw 30 is still very far for me *dancing*


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