Hype or swipe

I was talking to my sister some time ago, and she started to talk to me about something like a man meeting a lady who he loves so much, and decides to stop cheating and flirting with other ladies- because of her. in other words, this lady is worth all the hype, and no way is he going to share his emotions and body with another woman. Basically, he’s sticking strictly to his woman because she is ‘da bomb’.
                                                  I vehemently debunked that claim.
My own school of thought is this: a man outgrows the habit/lifestyle of jumping from one woman to the other. He sits down one day, and realizes that all the money spent on “shina”, time on other ladies, drama of hiding phones, deleting text messages, having insufficient time for the so many women, and emotional instability isn’t really worth it. Then he decides that it’s best to concentrate it all on a lady, and swipe all others. He basically analyzes situations and take stock. He decides to stop staying out late, start taking coffee, stick to buying brand new cars, spend 5 hours per day on twitter and then stick to one woman.
I have in no way insinuated that all men cheat, so done et me raw!!!
Summary, I’m leaving this to you to vote, with the poll below.
Its anonymous, so I cant tell who voted what. I only get figures. So please vote, and be honest.

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  1. Everyone here is saying it asif it’s a given that all men stop cheating. Well technically , I suppose it is. No man would cheat when he’s dead, or even when his “lilman” or bigman as the case may be, is too old to rise up to the challenge. My point is, those are not the only things that ensure he stops cheating. What if he had a near death experience that is connected to cheating or he had a heavenly epiphany that he should stop. Surely, that can’t be equated with him thinking it out of the blues that he’s outgrown it. Bottom line is, a man can do it for the love of God.


  2. I believe something triggers it,mostly a sense of responsibility, so if nt the wife maybe the kids because he hs to b a role model.


  3. Erm, I’ll b in-between on this one, yes a man outgrows it but something triggers that sensible and responsible part of him,” a woman”, someone is always worth it…..


  4. I agree more with swipe. However, a man can only stop cheating when he decides he has had enough not necessarily because he has outgrown it, some habits never die.


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