A woman’s poem

‎His alarm clock went off, but he ignored it. 
However, his boss called, and that ringtone woke him up. 
I took the blame, for allowing him sleep peacefully,
Forgetting I woke him up, but he asked for more time.
He said I’m unlike his mother.

I wore seductive clothes while making breakfast,
So he can eat food,and or me, whichever he pleases.
He sneaks up behind me and startles me, 
This made me pour excess salt in the food.
He complained I ruined breakfast and that his mother would never do that. 

His friends came over to watch the game.
I served them beer and roast chicken.
I politely told them to not smear food on the cushion, which they assured me won’t happen. 
When they left, he scolded me for being rude, and unruly.
He claimed I wasn’t homely, like his mother.

His boss seemed overbearing, and was giving him  a hard time. 
I tried to convince him on having alternate sources of income, so he would be flexible. 
” you never just understand. I’m not cut out for business and risk. Why won’t you just be rational, like my mother” he said.

On this fine day, he did the same thing.
And I got an idea.
In his sleep, I tied him up. I whooped, thwacked,  smacked and beat him up with a belt and soapy water. 

He cried. Yelled. Begged. cursed.I sat and watched. Just like his mother.


13 thoughts on “A woman’s poem

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  1. Loool…I like the ending, serves him right. Dude couldn’t make up his mind, bae helped to put things in perspective.


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