Keep It Going

Saw this trending on some social media site, and decided to bring it on here.

What’s this about? its just creating memes/ rhymes/ flows with the names of celebrities.

So far the name is made up of more than a word, make a meme with it. once done, put the hash tag keepitgoing.

send to friends, and let’s keepitgoing.

To drop comments, put your name, and email ( a fake email would pass) and drop your meme.

let’s go!!

keep it going

ALICIA has seized the KEYS to my house.

Is BRUNO really from MARS?

I heard YEMI just got a piece of land beside ALADE market.

I heard SEAN is a direct descendant of Saint PAUL.


25 thoughts on “Keep It Going

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  1. Beyonce acts like she know(le)s it all
    The Kardashians cannot even Dash someone something from their dash store…hissssssss
    Looks like Jennifer Aniston dug a Pitt of Angelina for Brad to fall into


  2. This LADY is really going GAGA! Is ARIANA really GRANDE? Is TOM really going on a CRUISE? Is CHRIS favourite colour really BROWN?


  3. Oh Flavour, tell me, what’s your flavour?

    Did Vin need to fuel his truck with Diesel?

    Does Don really Jasi, or he just feels Jazzy?

    I hear Daley goes Blind when he’s on the pitch.

    Ctrl + Alt + De Laet.


  4. So the other day I met HANNAH in MONTANA, and she said people don’t actually speak FRENCH in MONTANA and I’m like that’s why all STEVIE could do was WONDER .



  5. Does vicker drive a Van??
    Does Jonathan hv patience??
    Does bill really mk gates??
    Does wande sell coal??
    Does Diego sell costa(er)


  6. Is Benteke really a Christian??
    Is Lionel messiful??
    Is Megan a fox??
    Is Blake lively??
    Did Jonathan hv goodluck??


  7. Is Whitney really from Houston?
    Does reekado really own the banks?
    Is amber really a rose?
    Rita is really inlove with dominic
    Please buy me a blac rose from chyna…… Lol #keepitgoing#


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