The beautiful ones are indeed ugly. 

Before you go in too deep and start thinking: “who the heck does this guy think he is, calling someone ugly?!”, please know that I am nobody to call God’s creations ugly. So let me replace the word “ugly” with eeerrrr “not so beautiful” or “not so attractive”-English fails me right now, you can replace with the right word when you’re done reading, thank you!


This post is from a weird corner in my head: it stems from a number of vain things ‎I see on snapchat, Instagram and the likes.

The lady is sharp, Chanel bag, make up as they say, is “on fleek”, posh locations, great captions-basically, you’re mesmerized and you message her. Then the real conversation starts and it’s not really flowing because Aunty can’t make conversation-one work answers were the order of the day! I think a lot of people find it unattractive (see? My “not so attractive” phrase is coming handy) when you give an answer you know would require another question. For instance:

I’m a student (when you can just say I’m a student at Unilag studying Economics).

I’m serving (which would definitely be followed by ‘in what state’)

I do business ( I guess you sell human parts since you won’t state exactly what type).

So you wonder, is she having so many people on her case, she can’t give any1 very good attention? Or maybe she’s really basic as a good number of men are available and she feels she can’t aim to please any? All those questions in your mind don’t matter actually because the fact is, she gradually gets unattractive to you.
Flip side: There’s the not-so-smashing lady,who’s not had so many advances, so she’s spent a lot of time doing random reading on various topics, movie reviews, watches CNN and a lot of other ‘single lady things’ that makes her seem well developed intellectually. Then some dude notices her,and because it’s not a frequent occurrence,she sustains the conversations. Fast forward to conversations later, the guy who thought she was just there, sees that there is a whole lot more to her. Then she gets really beautiful in his eyes.
Are all physically-drop-dead-gorgeous ladies annoying in conversations and intellect? Heck no!

Are all the ‘just okay’ ladies so on point that they automatically have inner beauty? If I hear?!
So don’t judge me. It’s just the musing of my heart that led to this post. I just wanted to write…


7 thoughts on “The beautiful ones are indeed ugly. 

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  1. I can relate to this. So I was once chatting to a guy or should I say trying to engage in some kind of conversation,and the guy replied “I have a lot to say but unable to articulate them in text” 😳😳😳.
    For God sake I am not asking that he writes a Shakespeare essay or anything complicated. 😀😀 I thought to myself what a bunch of crap. I am apparently expected to jump off a cliff. Yes!!! This guy is buff like the Brits slang would refer to him, dark, tall, with his 8packs and 6figure salary yet unable to express/hold a meaningful conversation. Abeg confident and passion is the cliche of what I call attractive.

    PS it’s gone past midnight and I am still on Sola blog. Bloody addictive 😍😍 @1lolaMK


  2. #gbam#, the write up is too true…
    Blank converations kill and bore me a lot…. There has to be something, its a must, major sef


  3. …Or maybe she doesn’t want to have a conversation and she already told you. .. thing is you decided to be stubborn and take advantage of the fact that she doesn’t want to be rude and ignore your measages. One word answers should be your cue to give her space. I’m talking from experience, and I can hold intelligent conversations; I just don’t like to tell people that I have never met about myself. It’s very simple, I don’t know you, you could be a catfish.


    1. But then, you realize I’m talking about having had series of some communication before hand. This isn’t really a case of my wanting to talk. It’s bout not having nothing deep to talk about


  4. This post is “On Fleek”!!! I find intelligent conversation really attractive, even if the babe is “not so attractive”. Sometimes, it’s not about the physical appearance sha, but she must get breast as consolation.


  5. There are also those that are beautiful both ways. Get the attention frequently and still have the time to do the things the ‘not-so-smashing lady’ does. I really love this one… Well done Funke n AKA.


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