Channel your anger positively




‎A teacher held out her hand, carrying a glass of water, half full, while he stood in front of his students. They thought it was the usual, well know puzzle of “is the glass half full or half empty” and each one took a mental note of their answers- “half full” answers for optimists and “half empty” answers for pessimists.

Unknowingly to them, the teacher had a different approach and side to the story:
“The weight of this glass is dependent on how long I carry it. If I carry it for 2 minutes, it seems light. For another 30 minutes,its getting pretty heavy. If I hold out 3 hours, it would be so heavy”.

You’re probably wondering where I’m headed with this story.
This story can be likened to how we hold on to anger and grudges.
Hold out for some minutes, it’ll feel like  nothing and it’ll pay off in the end. If you decide to hold on these types of negativity,nits cancerous, and day in day out, it spreads till it weighs you down and abuses your mind set.

When angry, instead of breaking heads and bottles, why not channel it to a positive cause? How about:
1. Jogging, dancing or exercise it out. You would have gotten all worked up from the anger-adrenaline pump, and you can channel it all to a befitting means.

2. Breathe in a controlled manner. Take deep breathes, in and out. This stabilises blood pressure and slows the heart beat. Soonest, you’l be back to normal.

3. Anger triggers things such as composing songs,writing journals, deep thoughts, etc. So you could do something you like to do, and end up doing better when angered up. Jamal in Empire usually compose most of his songs when irked by his dad or lover.

4. Say positive words to your self. They calm you,motivate you and I mean, you pray for yourself.

Getting angry isn’t a sin. Staying angry and what you do when angry are the sin.
Develop a postive approach to anger and chun it out via a better channel.


2 thoughts on “Channel your anger positively

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  1. Good one….. The deep breath and positive words always work wonders from me….
    I dont know how people do it oo, anger and grudges actually get me really depressed, so i just always avoid it


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