Escape From the World

Recently, I have been writing more on relationships. Whatever the motivation is…I wonder.

Before I dig into the main aim of this post, I would mention 3 types of personalities you should avoid when considering to date, or when already in a relationship:

1.) The temperamental spouse. This one’s anger is forever quick to be kindled.

2.) The overly jealous: keyword being “overly”. Jealousy in a relationship  can be healthy, but extremes are not allowed.

3.) The overbearing spouse. The one who wants to know your every detail, feels your life must revolve round them and vice versa. The one is forever questioning you: “why are you going there?”, “why are you not picking my calls?” blah blah blah. Phew!

The main reasons you should avoid or leave such people (not when you’re married o!) are that they could get very violent, you can’t be yourself around them, you’re not happy or your happiness isn’t consistent, amongst other reasons.

Okay, so enough diversion! Let’s talk.

Why do we escape from the world around us? Or feel the need to escape from the world around us? Is it because it seems to be either overwhelming or you need some serenity and calmness? The most popular escape “destinations” or “routes” include:

  • Take time off work, stock the house up with food, turn phones off. Sleep, wake up, watch movies, repeat cycle.
  • Have a fun trip. It could be a mini get away to some neighboring state or town, Booze, friends, trips and just good old fun!
  • A real vacation: An island, sight seeing and ticking off items on your bucket list- if you have one.


However, I’m not talking about any of these 3 types. I’m talking about a human escape “destination”- that one person who’s your soul mate and Gee, your personal person. The one you want to be with or talk to when the day’s work is over. And when you have a hot story/gossip. The one you want to be with when the going is extremely smooth not smooth.
Many claim you can have more than one soul mate in your lifetime. I don’t dispute. However, I think it’s imperative that our escape from the world is our spouse and soul mate. Every wife should long for going home to meet her husband and the other way around. Every boyfriend should be able to comfortably turn down men’s hang out to be with his lady. This is because above all the stress and gallivanting all around, that person is your escape from the world. A place of solace and comfort and well tied bond (well, after Jesus).

Someone used to tell me this:
If you dread going to work in the morning, change your job or working conditions.
If you aren’t excited or in a haste to go home after work, change your spouse- not my words!



4 thoughts on “Escape From the World

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  1. #escapism
    just my kind of escape. I like that you ended on a thoughtful note…. if you’re never excited about going home to your partner, you should really reevaluate your relationship. (that’s if it’s even a relationship)


  2. #escapism
    exactly my kind of escape. you ended on a thoughtful note…. if you’re never excited about going home to ur partner, you should really reevaluate ur relationship.


  3. That Jealousy one, I might have to disagree with you on that o. My Christian faith teaches me that Jealousy is not a Christlike feeling, and it’s from the devil. After all, science has proven that Jealousy causes cancer. Don’t mind me, jut being a cracker.

    It’s a beautiful piece, and I’ve learnt a lot from it.


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