The case against selfies

Social media is one of the most in-thing in this era. Anyone not keeping to this trend would have eyes rolled at him or her. It puts pressure on us to put our lives out there.


It’s tiring that we have about the same set of contacts on all platforms, so I wonder what’s spicy about it. Twitter is to say your innermost feelings and thoughts. Facebook is to catch up with far and long lost friends. Instagram is to flaunt the vain, well made up face pictures. Snapchat is to show those who care, you hourly activities. BBM is for cheap communication. And on every platform, most often than not, we take selfies as display pictures or new posts.

What’s about a Selfie? A picture that shows a little background, and then your torso and face.



The quintessential of this, is to ask, ‘why the fuss about selfies’? You go someplace, post the photo taken, track the traffic, and forget to actually have fun. Why take 17 selfies, then post the best? It’s ridiculous when people go to memorable places, or fun parks, and care only about taking a photo with the snow in the background instead of really getting ice skates and having fun. It’s not life when you meet Banky W and all you want to do is take a selfie, instead of talk him into allowing you be an assisting event manager so you can show case what you’ve got. How does one go to a game reserve, takes a selfie with the cheetah in the background instead of trying to feed it.


I’ll ask, which moment is more cherished? The picture or actually savoring the moment. A good number of us are really not living this life. We just give some make believe on social media and that’s it. Why go on a vacation to only flaunt pictures when you can actually conquer new grounds?


When you are bored on a fine weekend and decide to look at photos, would you keep staring at the same picture of your well made up face or nicely trimmed beards? 200 different poses? Or you’ll rather have different moments and adventures captured, such that you spend about a minute on each picture remembering the occasion.



Selfies make us look at ourselves from the outside-in. You put the 3rd party’s perspective on a first person experience.


I implore you to actually live your life, and not aim to please. I’ll rather check a #wakabout on instagram than search #selfieaddict.


On a concluding note, i’ll reiterate this:

Life is a book. Those who don’t travel read just a page. However, selfies are changing how we vacation,and why. We see someone at a safari in Nairobi and we just want to be there because folks go there.


In a weird way, i’m beginning to think we would enjoy life more if we put the camera away.


8 thoughts on “The case against selfies

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  1. Yeah, put the camera away.

    I found myself using my phone without the camera for six months, it just stopped working and I didn’t bother fixing it. Turned out I was better off without it.


  2. Enjoy the moment and stop thinking of how to impress ur ffers on social media, I think a lot of in this part of the world are guilty and these has been tossed on to the generation after us even the oldies are guilty too


  3. This is so spot-on! Everyone is so concerned about taking that perfect picture for the ‘gram that they would rather spend 30mins out of the one-hour get-together taking millions of selfies.. I’m sooo Team #PutTheCameraAway


  4. You know some of us don’t even know we caught up with the madness. At the same time some of us joined the trend in awareness. The most important thing like you said is creating memories and having the pictures of those moments are also a way of, but we defeat the real purpose of those moments when our phones camera takes the place of fun just because we want to have pictures to show off on our social media pages.


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