Yoruba demons – the poem. 



He drives my type of car,

And to me, that’s impressive;

Toyota Camry (Muscle) is good enough for a banker,

Even as a young executive.


I know I wanted him to approach me,

So I got myself in the receptive position;

Heavily starched white agbada, looking all prim,

He’s the type I want accompanying me to every occasion.


I punched my number on his iPhone 6S

While he picked another call on his Samsung S6.

Yes there were no 6 packs, but some nice biceps

Were on the body of this guy called Afis.


Daily as our conversations drew, I liked him more,

He adored me, but doesn’t want to commit.

At first this was mutual, that for sure,

But soon, I wanted more, I must admit.


He had strange name on his contact list,

Lolo 1, Trisha Bj, Funmi Pekas, Jenny Cova.

Whenever I ask about them, he says ‘no risk”,

More so I’m his woman, his true love.


Whenever we are out, his eyes roam,

Insatiable beast! Am I not enough?

When on top of him, I kill him with sexual ringtone,

Ride him slow, fast, and mostly rough.


“where is this relationship headed?” I inquired.

He replies “ we agreed no commitment, remember,

But then I give you the care and attention required”.

Those words were enough to wake me from my slumber.


Then one day, we were acting our own porn,

His phone rings, Bae 1 calls that she’s at the gate.

You need to leave now, says this Yoruba demon,

Who has a main, and I became one of the numerous bait.


9 thoughts on “Yoruba demons – the poem. 

Add yours

  1. Dis isn’t fair on ladies, “Yoruba demons”! U guys make the good girls go bad after breaking their hearts, bt for how long do u want to continue being “a demon”?. Man up n get ur shits together!


  2. Yoruba demon die dere,like seriously! Wtf aswr we scatter dat house, I ain’t leaving for nowhere ; commitment or nah,u a player, den place ur cards right


  3. Buh I really don’t get how pple get involved in no commitment kind of relationship with someone u see as a strong prospect…ull always want more eventually!!! Yoruba demons😈😈 I bind n cast l’oruko Jesu!!


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