Calm down

” Calm down, what’s the hurry?! ” That was what Uncle Lawrence always barked in response to marriage related questions, till he turned 46 years old and got a wife.

Elder Jinadu would usually say “It’s not a competition, calm down”, before he finally finished his first published book at his 60th birthday- he started writing that book at age 27.


Unfortunately, in the process of taking life easy, a lot of us have allowed our lives to be eroded of the luxury of attaining certain feats at earlier stages of our lives, because we ‘calmed down’. We responded to the façade of procrastination, allowed her tickle us, and we basked in the temporary aura of relaxation.

Sociologists, over the years, say it takes 3 weeks to form a habit. Thus, on that note, if there is something that needs to be done now, and you delay for 3 weeks, chances are high you might never get it done.


A little sleep, a little slumber; a little folding of hands, so shall poverty fall mightily on you.

Am I insinuating that you be aggressive all the time and not try to prioritize and take a break at times? Absolutely positively not! In fact, worrying less and taking your time usually helps you strategize and make well informed decisions. However, this should be balanced with being smart and understanding that the world isn’t waiting for you or anyone else.

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The next best time to plant a tree is ‘NOW’.

Yesterday would never come back , and not doing it now means someone else is probably taking your market share or exploiting an idea that you have refused to implement on time. When they start reaping the fruits, you might see life as unfair and they’ll see life as fair. That’s it!

An old proverb says ‘the patient dog eats the fattest bone’. However, I think it’s because the other dogs have eaten the crunchy and chunkiest meat from it, leaving the bone to the patient dog. Besides, dogs love bone, you’re not a dog, you love meat!


Like the popular Nike tagline says : “do it now”!




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