Self development

The other day, I was driving from work-my colleague and I. It was a Friday evening, we were tired, hungry and stuck in traffic. All I could think of was making sweet love to my bed and being knocked out to sleep for maybe 12 hours. He, on the other hand, still had plans of going out that evening to the club and had two weddings on Saturday, church on Sunday and back to work on Monday! I had a similar plan, except mine consisted more of sleeping and hanging with some friends.


Maybe it was the traffic or fatigue, but I started thinking and I’m still thinking about it. A lot of us are just going with the swing of things, I won’t necessarily say we are living, but we’re just going. If you really think about it, it’s scary! It is pretty much work, sex, relationship, money, partying, booze and the likes…..same ol’ routine.


But it does not have to be so. Everyone can do something more, just a little bit more, and it’ll be extraordinary. Maybe pick up a new skill/habit/ talent. Something that doesn’t necessarily translate to money (money will be a plus, obviously). Something that when we’re at the end of our lives, we can feel fulfilled to an extent. It could be learning how to play an instrument or a new one, Photography, being a movie/book/food/style critic, bible school even with no intent of being a pastor, learning a new language or just going to study a course just for the sake of more knowledge. It does not have to be anything major.


Self development most times open new doors. It’s a vital key to fulfillment




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  1. Someone once asked me, who’re you taking this course? I shrugged and replied “more knowledge, who knows when it’s come in handy”. Self development is like an adventure. Make out time, after work, Saturdays, office leave etc… let us live while we’re young.


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