50 shades of me- Fiction

50 shades of me

He obviously isn’t a party freak, she said to herself as she looked at him from her seat. Cute, average height, pink lips, and a glass of non-alcoholic cocktail (like seriously!!? A guy drinking cocktail at the club where everyone is on Rose and Hennessey). She fought the urge to let him be, as she walked up to him. Her ‘hi’ was replied with a long ‘heeeeey hiiiii’ accompanied with this smile that she interpreted as ‘at last, I get to talk to you’. After some minutes talk and questions, she discovers Kas came to the club that day as his manager had upset him, and he desperately needed an environment where he could feed his eyes, and forget the troubles from the workplace. Chiaka gathered he rarely drinks, parties only with his close friends, never walks up to ladies (he does only hook ups, and claims he’s not shy of walking up to a lady, or scared of rejection). They exchange contact information, and in 2 days, they are buddies. She thinks he’s too calm for her, so she decides to hook this Kas guy up with her twin sister. She racks her mind up for a plan, either to invite him over and abandon him for long with Chinwe, or bluntly ask if he wants to meet a pretty lady.

The service was amazing. The guest preacher not only won souls for the body of Christ, he also gave reasons, from the scriptures, why donations are key to financial breakthroughs. While they were talking in his office after service, the church accountant came to give update on how much was made that Sunday. It was in multiples of 4, as compared to normal services. Bishop couldn’t allow Pastor Jerry leave without sowing in his ministry also. But as in every occasion, Pastor Jerry goes on his official assignments on Sundays with his Usher, any one assigned to work with him on any given Sunday. As fate would have it, today was Abraham’s turn, so pastor Jerry urged him to wait a while, to get whatever Bishop had for him, while he attends to some converts who wanted to speak with him. Bishop and Abraham got talking, and bishop was more than impressed to see a young, vibrant young man with the love and work of God at heart. Maybe, just maybe, some of the likeness for Pastor Jerry rubbed off on Abraham. Bishop asked for Abraham’s contact and his mind was racing as his PA helped get the package for Pastor Jerry.


Being a Bishop’s wife, she was actively involved in church matters, and quite very supportive of his ministry. Tonia was accorded the opportunity to give talks at various seminars, as she fared well both in God’s work, and as a commissioner on youth affairs. A youth empowerment program was organized to modify the attitudes and mindset of the youths, and also give grants to those with feasible business ideas. The speakers took turns, but none inspired her more than a young man who called himself thatafricankid. He was vast, and has explored, as his success stories ranged from business, to blogging, to speaking, and an un-ordained pastor. His life or story was packed, she couldn’t help but ask to meet him after the event. He told her his real name is Kola-Amodu, but thatafricankid would be easier to reckon with, as it’s more popular than his real name. A few more pleasantries, they exchanged phone numbers, and parted ways.


Chinwe has a passion: she could spend 25 hours a day reading anything that looked fascinating and inspiring over the internet. So it was not a big deal when she came about a blog which was quite amusing, and inspiring also. A few comments on his posts, and replies (via his email as you only drop comments with a valid email address), they become on-line friends. His name is Sola, and all he blogs, coupled with a little bit of every other thing. He sells also, and after sending pictures of some of his goods, Chinwe selects 2 items, and he offers to give them to her free. When she asks why, he says “I’m investing in you, need I say more?” Chinwe needed no soothsayer to tell her sola had developed some likeness for her.


Bishop would not let his family rest. He kept telling his daughters they need a decent, spiritual young man. He almost brought the roof down with stories of Abraham, Pastor Jerry’s usher.
Tonia too would not let her family rest. She kept telling them that although spirituality is important, many young men are just saints in church and sinners outside. Besides, “something” Amodu that she met had more potentials. A motivational speaker was her idea of successful, as they know the principles of life.
Chinwe on the other hand felt her parents and twin sister are just too choking. Their idea of love and marriage was just overbearing. She just needed someone who loves her, Pere! And Sola just fits in the picture. She told them about him, and the general response was ‘bloggers are just jobless gossips’. She plainly told them he would be coming on Saturday noon to see her.
Meanwhile, Chiaka was indifferent. Kas was too calm, Abraham is too spirikoko, and this Amodu guy her mum talks about would be too career oriented, and boring. So technically, Chinwe has 4 male options.
Then they all agree to invite the respective men over to the house on Saturday noon, same time Chinwe would have Sola around, and then all 8 of them would commune, dine, and the family would weigh each potential.
“I cannot make 3pm, but I would be available by 6pm. My apologies’ was the reply Bishop, Tonia and Chiaka simultaneously (although unknowingly), got when they messaged their potentials.


At 3pm, the gate man opened the gate, Sola walked in.
Bishop was reading the dailies in the garden, and shouted “ooh, you made it!!!”
Tonia opened her window to see who her husband was referring to and says ‘Amodu, I’m glad you came!!”
Chiaka drives in, sees the Kas with her parents and exclaims “Mr Kas, I did not need a surprise visit”.
Everyone is shocked, as Sola just manages to say ‘I came to see Chinwe”.
“Stop embarrassing my guest; please come in, Sola” says Chinwe.
Bishop blurts out “What is your full name, young man?”
He replies “My name is Kola-Amodu, compound surname, Abraham Sola, shortened as KAS, or sometimes called thatafricankid by my blog readers. I do a little bit of everything. I’m 50 shades”


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  1. Kola-Amodu Abraham Sola, shortened as KAS, or sometimes called thatafricankid… You are crazy! (Sorry that’s a lingo here for amazing)… this is so awesome. What exactly goes on in that had of yours. How do you you cope with accounting. .h a ha…. I’m glad I have found this blog.
    Have I subscribed yet? ….Errr. I’ll be back


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